Sept. 1, 2008 – ATV Digest

John Deere to Release Military UTV to the Public

In November, the public can purchase a John Deere UTV combat-proven by the U.S. military.
The M-Gator A1 UTV has developed a strong reputation, says Cleo Franklin, strategic marketing manager of governmental and national sales for John Deere.
“The M-Gator has been very well received in the military and emergency personnel communities and has built a reputation we are proud of,” he said in the release.
The vehicle has an 854cc engine, dual radiators and a 1,650-pound payload capacity. Standard features include a keyless ignition, front-mount tubular steel rack, 250-pound carrying capacity, cargo tie-downs, dual batteries and a bumper with an integral brush guard.
Originally launched in June 2007 to replace the M-Gator, the M-Gator A1 extended John Deere’s customer base to include first responders, search and rescue workers and police and fire departments internationally. The M-Gator A1’s engine provides 30 percent more engine displacement, 11 percent more hp and 14 percent more torque than the previous model.

Polaris Announces 2009 Limited Edition Rangers

Polaris Industries announced its 2009 Limited Edition Ranger side-by-sides. The lineup includes seven, customized models that were scheduled to be available at North American dealerships in August.
The new Ranger XP will be offered in three limited-edition models, including the Ranger XP LE, Sunset Red, which features a painted Sunset Red hood, dash and glove box; silver-painted suspension springs and rear A-arms and black-painted cab frame and bumpers. The MSRP is $11,399. A similar Ranger XP features Black Metallic hood, dash and glove box paint with a MSRP of $11,399. Another limited-edition Ranger XP is the Browning, which includes a Mossy Oak camo hood and dash, a custom cut and sew Browning seat with Buck Mark decal and 12-inch, 8-spoke Mossy Oak New Break-Up camo rims with Polaris PXT radial tires. MSRP is $12,499.
The Ranger Crew, with its six-person capacity, will be available in two limited edition models. The Ranger Crew LE, Black Cherry ($12,299) includes custom silver hood accents and the Black Cherry paint on the hood, dash and glove box.
The Ranger Crew LE, Browning ($12,299) features Mossy Oak New Break-Up camo hood and dash, custom cut and sew Browning seat with Buck Mark decal and no-shine black painted cab frame and bumpers.
Polaris also has two limited edition models for its RZR. Those include the Ranger RZR LE, Sunset Red ($11,399) and the Ranger XP LE, Nuclear Sunset ($11,399). Both side-by-sides include silver-painted suspension springs and rear A-arms and 12-inch, 8-spoke cast aluminum rims with Maxxis radial tires.

ORBA Staff Member Named to Council

Meg Grossglass, one of ORBA’s land-use staff members, has been appointed to the Bureau of Land Management California Desert District’s Desert Advisory Council.
The Desert Advisory Council (DAC) is designed to provide recommendations to the California Desert District manager on the planning and management of the resources within the California Desert District and the implementation of long-range management, use, development and protection of them.
“I am honored to have been chosen to serve on the DAC,”?Grossglass said in a press release. “ I look forward to working with BLM staff and my fellow council members to ensure a balance is reached between the multiple uses that the BLM is mandated to provide.”
The DAC is composed of 15 members who are appointed by the Secretary of the Interior.

Bosski Debuts Tri-Fold Arched ATV Ramp

Bosski, Inc. has debuted a tri-fold arched ATV ramp — the RevArc. While arched ramps have been around for years, Bosski says it is the specially designed tri-fold arch that makes this ramp so innovative.
Available in both 72-inch and an extra long 90-inch, each RevArc folds out to 55 inches for optimal safety. It then quickly folds to only 18 inches wide for compact and convenient storage underneath the ATV. psb

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