California Motorcyclist Safety Program sets new record in June

A new record has been set for the number of motorcyclists who trained in one month in California. The record was set in June after 7,840 riders took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) Basic RiderCourse throughout the state, the MSF reported.

The previous record was 7,138 riders who took the course in July 2006. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has currently trained 16 percent more riders year-to-date than during the same period in 2007. Last year, more than 62,000 riders did the training in California. MSF Director of Program Administration of the California Motorcyclist Safety Program Robert Gladden says the training is more popular than ever.

“We’ve added new training sites to meet demand and keep the wait time for classes short, and have been adding new CMSP-recognized MSF RiderCoaches to conduct training for the increasing number of new riders,” he said in the release. “A tip of the helmet goes to the RiderCoaches and training site administrators for meeting this high demand so successfully and to the California Highway Patrol for its leadership in overseeing such a comprehensive program.”

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