July 2, 2007 – BRP ends production of high-horsepower Mach Z

In April, BRP announced this would be the final season for its venerable, high-horsepower Mach Z.
But death came even earlier to the model, as the company called off its production in mid-June.
The Mach Z and the Mach Z LT are two of the six machines axed from the lineup for 2007. Also canceled are the Legend Trail, the V-800 engine versions of the Tundra and Tundra LT. The Summit Highmark X 1000 was canceled in April.
Steve Cowing, BRP spokesman, said the decision was based on order numbers and also production expenses. He did not release order numbers.
“If there’s not a sufficient order for the machine, why produce them?” he said. “There was a lack of demand. I’m glad the company is looking at market conditions and market demand.”
The Mach Zs were scheduled to be built in the middle of the REV XP build.
“It’s a huge expense to switch back and forth to build a small number of machines,” he said.
Consumers who ordered the discontinued models this spring will receive a $500 credit to any other Ski-Doo model, a second-year engine warranty, and other spring promotion benefits, such as optional electric start, a special jacket or other upgrades.
The cancellation of the Mach Zs put an end to the RT chassis. The
V-800, Cowing said, is not dead but obviously these machines were not selling well. The V-800 will come in the Expedition models and the Skandic SWT. The Mach Z LT and the Tundra LT packages were new for 2008. Each was to receive a long track — 136 inches for the Mach Z and 154 inches on the Tundra.
Dealers and consumers are in the process of being notified of the production decision, Cowing said. psb

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