CPSC comment period may be extended – November 13, 2006

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is expected to increase the public comment period on proposed changes to federal ATV safety and manufacturing standards.
Legal counsel for the powersports industry has asked for an additional 60 days of public comment. The original 75-day comment period began on Aug. 10.
CPSC Spokesman Scott Wolfson hopes the public takes advantage of the additional comment period, if it’s approved. “We want as many people to take advantage of that as possible,” he said.
The new standards, if ultimately approved, would make mandatory the voluntary performance standards followed by major manufacturers. The new powers would give the CPSC?greater ability to issue recalls, allow it to work with the U.S. Port Authority to educate inspectors on which violations to look for when ATVs are entering the United States and give the CPSC greater powers to enforce the new guidelines, including site visits and record examinations of U.S. manufacturers.
The new standards also would shift how youth ATVs are regulated. Instead of engine size and speed, the CPSC suggests regulating only by speed.
The best way to get your comment heard is to e-mail tstevenson@cpsc.gov. psb

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