Oct. 16, 2006 – PWC Report

Honda’s 2007 lineup largely unchanged
There are the requisite bold new graphics, but otherwise Honda’s AquaTrax line will return unchanged for 2007.
Still leading the way will be the GPScape, a GPS-equipped version of the 165-hp, turbocharged F-12X. Honda’s base 135-hp F-12 will round out its three-passenger offerings.
On the two-up side, the R-12X and R-12 also return, the X featuring the same turbocharged engine found in the F-12X, and the R-12 the same package found in the F-12. Both models sport a more motorcycle-like feel on the water, as well as a drop-down nozzle for better acceleration off the line, as well as enhanced cornering ability.
PWC Injuries Continue Downward Trend
The Personal Watercraft Industry Association, citing Coast Guard statistics, is proudly reporting that the number of reported injuries related to PWC use continues the decline began in 1996.
The statistics, pulled from the 2004 calendar year, show a 59 percent decrease in PWC accidents during the ’96-’04 period, and that more than 99 percent of PWC are accident free. According to the PWIA, in 2005 1.55 million PWC were in use in the United States, a reported 58 percent increase since 1996.
“PWIA works tirelessly to enact state laws to require PWC operators to first pass a safety course before leaving the dock,” said Maureen Healey, executive director of PWIA. “With 35 states having adopted all or part of our model legislation, it’s clear our efforts are making a difference to reduce the number of PWC accidents.” psb

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