Fischer begins limited production of MRX – September 25, 2006

Fischer Motor Company’s long-awaited Hyosung-powered 650cc MRX sportbike is in production and now available.
Fischer Motor Company President Dan Fischer says he began debating the creation of the motorcycle after leaving racing in 2000. Chassis prototype development began in April 2002, and a striking yellow concept was shown at the 2004 Indianapolis Dealer Expo.
To get his ideas sorted, Fischer contacted Glynn Kerr, an English freelance designer who has penned bikes for more than 20 different manufacturers. Kerr came up with the original drawings for the bike and, along with Gemini Technology Systems of Mukwonago, Wis., Axis Engineering, Hyosung and Motovisions, assisted in engineering and R&D.
Retailing for $7,995, the MRX is now built at Fischer Motor Company’s 30,000 square foot facility in Pocomoke City, Md.
“The first units are being sold directly to consumers who will have to register on their own, or use it strictly for competition,” Fischer recently told Powersports Business. “We do however anticipate a smooth certification process, as the engine has already been certified by the EPA, DOT and CARB in California.
“Until the end of the year, we are building very small quantities as we establish the mass-assembly procedures. Less than 25 units will be shipped by the end of this year, but all from mass production tooling.”
He said a major portion of the company’s current efforts are working out the assembly process.
“For 2007, our target is just under 1,000 units,” Fischer said. “The way the bike was designed, production capabilities are really much higher, but we can’t let the fact that there’s a big demand for the product get in the way of our core goal, which is to ensure the highest quality.”
Meeting Fischer’s long-term production targets will require financing.
“Up until now we’ve been self-funded, so this will represent a change for us,” he confessed. “Over the years, so many people inquired about investing in Fischer Motor Company, just based upon magazine articles and prototypes, but we are at this time only interested in a limited number of outside investors.”
How can dealers obtain the bike for their showfloors? “Applications are being accepted at this time,” Fischer said. “Our objective is to appoint dealers in the areas that have been identified from our Web site inquiries as high concentration of prospective end-users.”
Fischer said the company seeks established sportbike dealers doing business using proven practices and procedures.
“We think it’s important that the dealers can expect that working with Fischer will be consistent with how they interface with the major OEs,” he said. “I am not saying smaller dealers cannot get our product, that’s not the case. But by establishing a dealer interface based upon what the larger dealers expect and demand, we’ll be a stronger brand even in smaller markets.
“It’s important to us that Fischer customers are given a sales and service experience that will give them a positive impression of our company. However, we recognize it’s equally important that we give the dealers a positive experience – both in terms of profitability and support. We feel this is ultimately the way to provide a consistent customer experience and to strengthen our brand.”
While product distribution has not yet been ironed out, Fischer said he is currently “working on an agreement with a major motorsports distributor.”
“That gives FMC the time to concentrate on manufacturing, design, development and assembly,” he explained. “We will do what we know best and allow the professionals with decades of experience in their field handle dealer services and logistics.”

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