Snell updates M2005 list – September 4, 2006

Snell Memorial Foundation’s M2005 Standard presents methods for identifying motorcycle helmet models that meet specified standards for impact protection and retention system strength. Manufacturers voluntarily submit helmets to be tested to this standard and if the submitted helmets pass, a certification is issued.
Helmets tested are in the same condition as those offered for sale. Five complete helmets are submitted by the manufacturer for a certification test program for each distinct structural configuration of the models offered for sale. Four of the samples are destroyed in testing, the fifth is retained for comparison and reference.
Snell-certified M2005 motorcycle helmets as of Aug. 16, include the following manufacturers and models:
AFX — FX-87, FX-96
AGV SpA — 00F3
Allpro — N-315, N-318, N-713, N-716, N-912 and N-916
Alltop — AP-989, H-66, N-315, N-318, N-713, N-714, N-716, N-914, N-915 and N-916
Arai Helmet, Ltd. — Astral-D1, Astral-X, Astro-TR, Chaser, Classic-LE2, Classic/c, Condor, Corsair, GP-5X, Omni-J, Profile, Quantum-2, Rapide-Ov, Rapide-SR, RX-7 Corsair, RX-7RC, Signet-II, SZ-F, SZ-Ram 3, SZ/c, SZ/m, Tour-X, Vcross-3, Viper-GT, VX-3, VX-Pro, VX-Pro 3, XD and XD-Motard
ARC — Corona, MX 220
Arctic Cat — 555, 555 (Carbon)
Axo — Switch
BCS — Tribe
Beijing Rodia Fiberglass Manufactures Co. Ltd. — RZ-2, RZ560
Bell Racing Company — Racestar 5
Bell Sports Inc. — SC-X, Apex, Moto 7, Moto 7R, Moto 8, Moto Jr, SC, SC-X and Sprint
BRP — ST-1536
Cyber — US-72, US-94, US-95, US-96, UX-23 and UX-27
Fly — FL-606, FLY LITE
Fox Racing Inc. — Tracer Pro, V3 Pilot
Fulmer — AF-577, AF75, AFS1, AFSV, AFSX and XLR8
G-Force Racing — Force One Graphics, Force One/Graphics and GF 650
GMax — GM56X, GM58X
Harley-Davidson — FXRG, Laguna II, Road Classic, Screaming Eagle and Ultra Jet
Hi-Speed — AP-989, H-66, N-714, N-914 and N-915
HJC Corporation — AC-11, AC-11 Carbon, AC-11J, AC-11J Carbon, AC-11N, AC-12, AC-12 Carbon, AC-3, AC-X2, AC-X3, AC-X3 Carbon, CL-15, CL-31, CL-SP, CL-X5, CS-5, FG-12 and HQ-1
HM Distributing — EXL-1107
Icon — Alliance SS, Domain and Mainframe
J-Tech Corporation — Alliance SS, Mainframe, XF-705 and XP-904
Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd. — FF-332-1, FF312-5, FF337, FF340, FF344, FF361-1, MX418, MX422, OF506-1 and OF519
KBC Corp. — Flight, Force, Kombat, LE-6, Moto-X6, MX-1, Optimal II, Pilot, SL-906, Super-X06, TK-102S, TK-8S, TK-X6, Tour Com, Tracer Pro, Trooper, VR-2 and VR-3
Kimpex — VX-11
M2R — 650, GP1, MR11, MR1500, Revelation X-2, Revelation X-3 and SX PRO
Moose — 10X2
Nikko — AP-989, H-66, N-315, N-318, N-713, N-714, N-716, N-912, N-914, N-915 and N-916
O’Neal — ASX, Moto XXX, Titan and WF-548
OGK Hanbai Co. Ltd. — FF-4
Powersport — Shot Racer
RCI — Super Street
Scorpion EXO — EXO-200, EXO-400, EXO-400V, EXO-400VG, EXO-700, EXO-700V, EXO-700VG, VX-14 and VX-17
Shanghai Tung Kuang I Light Ind. Co. Ltd. — AP-76, AP-79, AP-87, AP-89, AP-96, AP-98 and AP-99
Shoei Co. Ltd. — J-Wing, RF-1000, RJ Platinum-R, TZ-R, V-MOTO, VFX-DT, X-9, X-Eleven and XR-1000
Simpson — Avenger, Cruiser, Fury, G53 MX, GS-3, MX-06, Outlaw, SPS and Street Warrior
Strategic Sports Ltd. — ST-1100, ST-1112, ST-1508, ST-1516, ST-1519, ST-1521, ST-1522, ST-1525, ST-1525 (Carbon), ST-501 and ST-510
Super Seer Corporation — S1607
TDC — T4
Thor — Force, Force Carbon, Quadrant and SXT2
Tong Ho Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd. — TS-10, TS-16, TS-302, TS-40, TS-51, TS-60, TX-21, TX-30 and TX-51
TORQ — Octane
Troy Lee Designs — Speed Equipment
Vantage (Changed from Epic) — ES-32C, EX-31C
Victory — Basic FF, High Roller
VR1 — 770, Knoxville and Montana
Wombat Trading Inc. — OX350, Revelation X-3
Woo-In Industry — FX-1, SC-X
Xiang He Azul Helmet Business Co. Ltd. — Azul FV-100
Xpeed — XF-705, XF-904, XP-503 and XP-904
Z1R — Intake, Stance and Viper
Zamp Helmets — FC-2, FS-1, J-1, JS-1 and RZ-10
Zeus — GJ-905
Zhu Hai Safety Helmet Manufacture Co. Ltd. — P150
ZOX — Momentum, Spectra R and Urban Rider

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