Yamaha VX110 Named 2005 Watercraft of the Year

To put it simply, the new Yamaha VX110 Deluxe is the best of the best for 2005. It delivers a knockout punch in terms of its innovation, appeal and its potential for making a lasting impression throughout the industry.
Much of the ballyhoo about the new watercraft has already started, and we’re sure it will continue for years to come. Ultimately, the decision to honor the VX110 Deluxe with our Watercraft of the Year award was swift, resounding and unanimous. Every one of our guest riders and editors at Dream Demo unanimously and boisterously agreed that it deserved the distinction — and rightly so.
We were impressed long before Dream Demo, specifically at a sneak peek last summer at Yamaha’s Kennesaw, Georgia, office. The Yamaha execs were beaming like new fathers when they pulled the wrap off the shiny red VX110 Deluxe. After taking it for a rip on a nearby lake, we were believers in the concept.
For 2005, it stands above its competition not only for its low price, its handling and its comfort, but for everything else and more. Yamaha seized an opportunity and is paving the way for others to follow. The question then becomes, will they? Only time will tell. In the meantime, Yamaha and its VX110 Deluxe can bask in the limelight as being the finest. It’s the top dog…and the benchmark for others to meet.

So, what’s all the talk about? The price, for starters; at a mere $7699, the VX110 Deluxe is one of the lowest priced four-stroke powered watercraft available for 2005. Only its sibling, the VX110 Sport ($6,999), beats its price. Considering that the next closest-priced four-stroke on the market tops $9300, Yamaha seems poised to truly shake up the industry.
In addition to the price, the Deluxe handles as good (and in some cases better) as some of its higher-priced competition. Not only that, it’s comfortable, too. Do you want some bells and whistles? The Deluxe has them. How about mirrors, reverse, low rpm mode, a remote-controlled transmitter that controls a security system and a spacious boarding platform? That’s all there, plus some other goodies.
Yamaha erased the drawing board when it started to develop the VX110 Deluxe. Along the way, the company added a newly designed engine, new hull and deck, a high-pressure pump, driveline and reverse mechanism. The 1052cc four-cylinder, 20-valve, liquid-cooled mill pumps out 110 hp. It’s also decked out with fuel injection for spot on fuel and air delivery. The engine package delivers good power and will keep things interesting in nearly every situation. In our radar testing, it averaged a respectable top speed of 51.85 mph. Sure it won’t win many drag races or break the sound barrier, but that doesn’t matter. Riders will be having too much fun to care.
All of its attributes combine to complement each other, making this an all-around great watercraft. Upon taking extended rides on the craft, it was evident that it portrayed the virtues of what many higher priced models have. It’s sleek, it’s sporty and it will appeal to a broad range of enthusiasts.

The Watercraft of the Year award honors innovation, market appeal and long-term impact on the industry. The VX110 Deluxe excels in all three of those categories.
Its innovation for the 2005 model year is head and shoulders above the rest. With a new hull and top deck, a newly designed engine and more, the VX110 Deluxe takes a big leap forward. Plus, with its good handling characteristics and fun factor, it shines. Adding to that is the fact that Yamaha yields a four-stroke powered watercraft for a low price.
The sky is the limit in terms of its market appeal. A four-stroke powered watercraft with all the bells and whistles for a price of less than $8000? Nothing else is even close. With that price and its performance characteristics it can be categorized as the PWC for everyone — young, old, male, female, experienced, inexperienced, wealthy, money challenged… you name it. Its impact on the industry will be felt for many years to come.
It’s rare that we have an easy and unanimous decision for the sport’s top honor, but this one was a slam dunk. We think it’s a testament to what the Deluxe has to offer and for what it represents.

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