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The American Power Boating Association (APBA) recently announced that the APBA Triple Crown of Watercross would be replaced for the 2005 season. Bad news? Not at all, as the series will be replaced with not one, but two three-race series, the APBA Eastern States Cup and the APBA Western States Cup.
Making each series a reality required a good amount of cooperation between APBA headquarters and individual promoters. Two promoters had already created a two-event Western States Cup in 2004. A third came on board early in 2005 to make the three-event Cup a reality. The event then served as a prototype for APBA officials and promoters who reasoned that, in today’s age of smaller sponsorships and higher transportation costs, a second, eastern-based series would be a success. With two of the already scheduled Triple Crown events scheduled to take place on the East Coast, all that remained was to add one more race to the series.
For a complete schedule of APBA Western and Eastern States Cup events, call the APBA at 586/773-9700 or visit www.apbaracing.com.

The IJSBA has posted changes to the 2005 Competition Rule Book on the association website, www.ijsba.com. Much of the news centers on homologation requirements, and where individual boats, such as Sea-Doo’s unique 3D and new four-stroke models, will be allowed to compete. In addition, specifications for all classes, including Stock, Limited, Open (formerly referred to as Superstock), and Modified are included. The IJSBA plans to have the finished rulebook available to members on the association website by the time this issue is available.

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