Suzuki, Chinese Firms Reach Settlement

Japan-based Suzuki Motor Corp. said it has reached a settlement with Chinese firms regarding the violation of intellectual property rights involving Suzuki motorcycles.
Suzuki sued Jiangsu Xinling Motorcycle Co Ltd and an unidentified Chinese motorcycle dealer in December 2003. The firms admitted the violation in May, a move widely recognized as the first time that Chinese firms have admitted intellectual property rights violations in motorcycle-related copyright disputes.
Jiangsu Xinling’s motorcycles looked almost identical to Suzuki’s EN125 motorcycles manufactured by Dachangjiang Group in southern Guangdong province, Suzuki said in a prepared statement. Suzuki provides technical expertise to Dachangjiang and allows the firm to sell its motorcycles under the Suzuki brand.
Under the settlement, Jiangsu Xinling is to pay Suzuki compensation and place a newspaper advertisement to apologize for copying the design. Suzuki declined to give the amount of the compensation.
Suzuki said it is pursuing two more separate legal cases with Chinese firms over alleged trademark infringement and design copyright violation.

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