Motorcycle Dealer Association Formed

Officials at MBA Holdings Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz., say the company has become a major investor in the formation of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA). MBA Holdings has been appointed to provide management and administration of the new association, which also is based in Scottsdale.
Open to motorcycle dealers in the United States and Canada willing to pay an annual membership fee, the NMDA was formed to assist its dealer members in being professional, successful, and profitable through the offering of special services, products and programs.
“The NMDA plans to instill the dealer with the proper tools to ensure growth and prosperity; provide dealership education and training to maximize overall dealer C.S.I.; empower dealers to assure a voice at local, state and federal levels; and gain purchase power as a combined dealer association,” according to a prepared statement released by MBA Holdings.
Association founders also plan to offer an affiliate membership program open to manufacturers of motorcycles, motorcycle component manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, finance institutions, insurance agencies, insurance companies, industry associations, trade press, publications, motorcycle software vendors, etc. The affiliate program also will require a yearly membership fee.
For more Information about the National Motorcycle Dealers Association, call 480-391-9959 or visit www.nmda.us.

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