Sound test accepted

The Society of Automotive Engineers has published the J2567 report, stationary sound testing of snowmobiles. This test is expected to become the standard for sound testing, said Ed Klim, director of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association.

Editorial Changes
At Ehlert Snow Titles
Tim Erickson has been named the editor of Snow Goer and Snow Week magazines, both published by Powersports Business parent company, Ehlert Publishing Group Inc. Erickson was previously senior editor with both titles. Erickson joined Ehlert in 1997 as an associate editor. He left the company to work in Polaris’ ATV marketing department, and re-joined Ehlert in 2003. Lynn Keillor will take over as the editor of Snowmobile magazine and the Ultimate Snowmobile Buyers’ Guide. A contributor to Powersports Business, Keillor joined Ehlert in 1996 as a assistant editor.

Sullivan Issues Order
On Yellowstone
On June 30, U.S. District Court Judge Emmit Sullivan issued an order that declared both the Yellowstone Record Of Decision (ROD) in 2003 and ROD 2000 are null and void. He denied the request by the Fund For Animals to modify the Winter Use Plan and halt all road grooming. Any such request, he said, would have to be refiled after a new Winter Use Plan is offered by the Park Service. Sullivan also ordered the National Park Service (NPS) to conduct a new Rule Making Process and promulgate new rules governing the 2004-2005 Winter Use season. He added that any new rules could not be inconsistent with his court order dated December 16, 2003. He required that the NPS have their Winter Use Plan prepared 30 days prior to the opening of the Park this December 2004. Sullivan did not guarantee that the NPS will permit trail grooming or snowmobiling during the winter use season.

New Distributor To Focus On Midwest
Northwoods Powersports Distributing, Buffalo, Minn., sent out its first catalog to select dealers in early May. The company will distribute mostly snowmobile-related products , such as Bottom Line traction products, Hand Armor handguards and Diamond Drive products. Tony Graham, sales manager, said the catalog went to select dealers nationally, though its initial focus will be dealers in the Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan areas. For more information call 612/802-6446 or e-mail tony@northwoodspowersports.com. psb

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