Polaris revamps with ‘tough’ in mind

Polaris used one word to describe its 2005 utility ATV line: tough. During the presentation, if Polaris representatives weren’t saying the word, it was projected in large letters on a backdrop.
Sportsman Lineup
The ATP and Magnum 330 return in 2005 without any major changes. The big news for the coming year is the Sportsman redesign. From the plastic to the tires, the Sportsman line has seen significant updates and style changes.
In keeping with the “tough” theme, Polaris designed plastic that was more angular and aggressive looking, and redesigned its system for joining plastic parts at the seams.
The front rack also is changed quite a bit. Taking cures from the ATP, Polaris added the sealed storage box from the ATP. Both composite racks, front and rear, are ready to fit Polaris’ Lock And Ride Accessories line that is similar to Arctic Cat’s MRP system.
Up front, Polaris increased the travel of the MacPherson struts 22%, to 8.2 inches of travel. And Polaris also introduced its line of Polaris PXT radial tires manufactured by Carlisle.
To smooth the ride, Polaris engineers added Double Offset Joint halfshafts that, Polaris claims, minimizes vibration when accelerating and decelerating and operating in 4×4 mode.
Lighting is also changed for 2005. Polaris added reflector headlights that are much brighter and wider than previous model years, and a set of work lights for the back.of the machine.
Regarding EFI vs. Carbs, Polaris says it will continue to monitor sales of the EFI compared to the carb 700 and make a decision whether to continue the carb model as the market dictates
Sportsman MV
Weighing in at an unprecedented 996 lbs. is the Sportsman MV. The MV stands for Military Vehicle. From the reinforced frame and dual fuel tanks to the dual winches, Goodyear EMT Mud Runner Run Flat tires and 450-lb. rack capacity, the MV it almost exactly the machine used by the armed forces.
Who knows how many MV units Polaris will sell, but we are sure there are enough
customers who want the biggest and baddest ATV around.
—Chaz Rice

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