IJSBA elects to work with both APBA, USWRA

Following a brief period in which both racers and promoters were left wondering just what organization would be named as the United States affiliate for the recently reorganized International Jet Sports Boating Association, the IJSBA revealed in mid-February that the organization would work with both the American Powerboat Association and the newly formed United States Watercross Racing Association for the remainder of the 2004 season.
Neither organization, however, will be named the United States affiliate at the current time. The IJSBA’s apparent plan is to give both organizations time to “demonstrate their capabilities.” As such, both groups will be able to issue membership cards, manage their membership base, and offer insurance and sanctioning to the promoters that elect to support them over the remainder of the season.
The IJSBA will allocate World Finals entries to racers participating in both organizations, and offer assistance in managing the qualifying system.
According to IJSBA officials, the “dual” situation will be reevaluated before the end of the year based on each organization’s performance during the season. In other words, both groups have a spring and summer season in which to prove their abilities.
Following the announcement, promoters wasted little time in choosing which organization they would support, and releasing race schedules that had been on the back burner for weeks. The APBA issued its first insurance certificate to Farthing Racing, which promptly held a race the very next weekend. TeamSport Racing chose the USWRA to sanction their Texas AquaMoto Supercourse series starting in April.
Both organizations also wasted little time in delivering information to a racer and enthusiast base starved for answers, launching Web sites with all the details. Log onto the American Powerboat Association’s PWC Web page at www.apbapwr.com; the latest on the United States Watercross Racing Association can be viewed at www.uswra.com.
In related news, the USWRA also recently announced the appointment of two highly respected industry players to the organization’s Senior Advisory Board. Skat Trak’s Ken Stewart and Riva Yamaha’s David Bamdas have both accepted positions on the organization’s board where, according to USWRA officials, they will play a pivotal role in determining the direction and future of personal watercraft racing.
“The USWRA’s focus are companies who have survived the high’s and low’s of the personal watercraft industry,” said the organization in a statement released on their Web site. “Knowledge and experience can not be bought, and can only be inherited through trial and error. Both Skat-Trak and Riva Racing have traveled that road from the pinnacle to the travesty. With the knowledge and experience of these two outstanding individuals and great companies they will play an important factor in the re-birth of our sport.” psb

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