Japan’s Cycle Production Up 5.5% in May

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) says Japan’s four main motorcycle manufacturers produced 125,577 units in May, up 6,506 units or 5.5 percent compared to the production of 119,071 units in May 2005.
JAMA says Honda produced 40,561 units in May 2006, down from 43,987 units produced in May 2005; Kawasaki produced 18,459 units, up from 12,753 units; Suzuki produced 36,259 units, up from 30,929 units; and Yamaha produced 30,220 units, down from 31,377 units produced in May 2005.
The four manufacturers exported 81,183 units in May, up 6,218 units or 8.3 percent compared to 74,965 units exported in May 2005.
JAMA says Honda exported 23,105 units in May 2006, up from 22,835 units exported in May 2005; Kawasaki exported 13,596 units, up from 10,154 units; Suzuki exported 22,052 units, up from 19,365 units; and Yamaha exported 22,430 units, slightly below the 22,611 units exported in May 2005.
The motorcycles exported in May 2006 had a total value of $485.76 million, including $376.54 million for vehicles and $109.22 million for parts. This is an increase of $33.93 million or 7.5 percent compared to an export worth of $451.83 million recorded for May 2005.
The four manufacturers exported 39,356 units to the U.S. in May 2006, up from 29,738 units exported to the U.S. in May 2005.

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