Brazil’s Production Up, Exports Down

Brazil's motorcycle industry produced 454,383 motorcycles during the first four months of the year, up from 387,383 units produced during the same period in 2005, said the Association of the Manufacturers of Motorcycles, Mopeds and Bicycles (Abraciclo).
Abraciclo said 57,454 motorcycles were exported during the four-month period ended April 30, down from 59,132 units exported during the same period last year.
An estimated 186.1 million people live in Brazil, which has an area slightly smaller than the United States. Brazil's four main motorcycle brands include Honda, Yamaha, Sundown and Kasinski. The four manufacturers produced 1.2 million motorcycles in 2005.
Abraciclo expects a 10 percent growth in motorcycle production in 2006.

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