Dealership’s GM is the industry’s ace in the hole

Read about Andrew Smith, general manager of Smith Brothers Powersports, and his remarkable accomplishments on the golf course this summer. Within only 10 days and after playing 36 holes, Smith hit two hole-in-ones on the same course. He had never hit a hole-in-one previously and it was certainly a cause for celebration.

About 10 days later Smith continued to shine on the golf course, making an albatross, which is three-under a par five. “A little bit of luck must go a long way,” he said.

Smith has worked at the family-run dealership since he was 14 years old. Learn more about Smith, Smith Brothers Powersports and the benefits of working with family in the article.

Click on the image below to download the September digital edition.

Click on the image above to download the September digital edition.