Triumph unveils all-new Tiger 1200 (video)

Significantly lighter and much more powerful, with class leading handling and specification, plus all of Triumph’s new T-plane triple performance advantage, the all-new Tiger 1200 has been designed to be the world’s most capable, agile and maneuverable large capacity adventure motorcycle, according to the company.

MSRP starts at $19,100 for the Tiger 1200 GT. They will be available in dealerships from Spring 2022.  

Here’s the scoop from Hinckley:

Delivering a transformation in capability and performance on road, and the most dynamic and exciting experience off-road, the new generation brings the best of all worlds with a whole new Tiger line-up, including for the first time two all-new 30-liter/7.93 GAL tank Tiger Explorer options.

All-New Tiger 1200 Family

•          Tiger 1200 GT family; tailor made for the perfect road-focused adventure ride, with 19” front and 18” rear cast aluminum wheels

o Tiger 1200 GT (20-liter/5.3 GAL tank)

o          Tiger 1200 GT Pro (20-liter/5.3 GAL tank)

o          Tiger 1200 GT Explorer (30-liter/7.93 GAL tank)


•          Tiger 1200 Rally family; tailor made for the perfect all-terrain adventure, with 21” front and 18” rear tubeless spoked wheels

o          Tiger 1200 Rally Pro (20-liter/5.3 GAL tank)

o          Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer (30-liter/7.93 GAL tank)

Transformation in weight, capability, and specification

•          Significantly lighter

o          More than 55 lbs lighter than the previous generation

o          Up to 37 lbs lighter than the closest shaft drive competition (based on a comparable specification of motorcycle)

•          New dedicated wheel dimensions for enhanced capability tailored to the ride

o          21” front / 18” rear tubeless spoked set-up for off-road supremacy (Rally Pro & Rally Explorer)

o          19” front / 18” rear cast aluminum set-up for dynamic road riding capability (GT, GT Pro & GT Explorer)

•          New fuel tank capacities

o          20-liter/5.3 GAL (GT, GT Pro & Rally Pro)

o          30-liter/7.93 GAL (GT Explorer & Rally Explorer)

•          All-new light weight chassis and class-leading specification of equipment

o          New lightweight frame with bolt-on rear aluminum subframe and pillion hangers

o          New lighter and stronger ‘tri-link’ swingarm

o          New category leading Brembo Stylema® monobloc brakes plus optimized cornering ABS with IMU

o          Advanced Showa semi-active suspension set-up tuned for maximum road and off-road capability

•          Slimmer waist and a more compact overall design

•          New rider ergonomics designed for a comfortable and stable ride

•          Adjustable seat height, which can be lowered even further with an accessory low seat

All-new T-plane triple engine advantage

-           New 1160cc triple engine, designed to set a new benchmark for engine character

-           More power with 147 HP at 9,000rpm and more torque with 95LB-FT at 7,000rpm.

8 HP more than the previous generation, and 13 HP more than the closest shaft drive competition

-           Unique T-plane triple crank with uneven firing order

o          Enhanced low-down tractability and responsiveness

o          More exciting and engaging mid-range to top-end response and feel

o          Improved acceleration 

•          More characterful and distinctive soundtrack

•          New lightweight low maintenance shaft drive

All-new comprehensive technology package

•          All-new Triumph Blind Spot Radar System, developed in partnership with Continental (GT Explorer and Rally Explorer only)

•          All-new Showa semi-active suspension set-up for dynamic rider control

•          All-new 7” TFT instruments with integrated My Triumph Connectivity System

•          Optimized Cornering Traction Control with IMU

•          Up to six riding modes

•          All-new keyless system, including ignition, steering lock, and fuel cap

•          All-new LED lighting with DRL, plus Adaptive Cornering Lights (not available on GT)

•          Triumph Shift Assist (standard on all except GT)

•          Heated grips and seats (heated seats standard on GT Explorer & Rally Explorer only)

•          Tire Pressure Monitoring System (standard on GT Explorer & Rally Explorer only)

•          Hill Hold (not available on GT)

New distinctive and purposeful style, poise, and attitude

•          More dominant adventure focused stance and poise with new bodywork, new twin radiator design and minimal new silencer

•          New rider ergonomics with tailored bar and peg positions

•          All-new bodywork

•          Premium detailing and finish

•          New color schemes and graphics for each family

Dedicated Tiger 1200 accessory range

•          50+ Genuine Triumph Accessories for capability, comfort, style, technology, and protection

•          Full luggage systems - all hard luggage developed in partnership with Givi 

o          New Trekker panniers - molded luggage, side/corner opening

o          New 52-liter/13.74 GAL Trekker twin helmet top box with upholstered passenger backrest

o          New Expedition panniers - alloy luggage, top opening

o          New 42-liter/11.10 GAL Expedition top box with two-piece passenger backrest

•          Comprehensive protective range

o          Precision engineered tubular stainless-steel engine and tank protection

•          Heated seating options

o          Rider, pillion, standard height and low seat options

•          New Triumph Sena Bluetooth communication system

o          Dedicated new partnership with the leading motorcycle communication brand, Triumph Sena headset featuring a new Harman Kardon sound system

Price, service and availability

•          Three years unlimited mileage warranty, with the option to extend

•          High service intervals: 10,000 miles (16,000 km) / 12 months

•          Competitively priced, starting at $19,100 for the Tiger 1200 GT

•          Available in dealers from Spring 2022  


The result of one of the most ambitious projects in Triumph’s history, the all-new Tiger 1200 line-up represents a transformation in weight, performance, and capability, all focused on delivering every advantage a rider is looking for in their adventure motorcycle.

Building on the previous generation’s strengths, including its practical shaft drive set-up and its

great long-distance comfort, plus the triple engine platform which suits touring so well, the new Tiger line-up introduces a new generation of T-plane triple engine, lightweight chassis, and advanced technology - all focused on delivering the most agile and capable large capacity adventure motorcycle you can buy.


With all-new names to reflect the new capability, each Tiger 1200 model is now more tailored and focused to suit the adventures that different riders want.

The new road-focused GT and higher spec GT Pro come with cast wheels, 19” on the front and 18” on the rear, plus all-new Showa semi-active suspension, tuned to deliver the ultimate road-focused adventure ride.

With the new Rally Pro, this brings for the first time a dedicated 21” front and 18” rear tubeless wire-spoked wheel set-up, plus the new Showa semi-active suspension with even longer travel, tuned to deliver the ultimate in all-terrain riding, off-road and on.

Completing the new 5 bike line-up, for the first time Triumph introduces two new 30-liter/7.93 GAL tank Tigers, with the new Rally Explorer and the GT Explorer – the only cast wheel, 30-liter/7.93 GAL tank, adventure bike

in the class. Both featuring the new Triumph Blind Spot Radar system, these bikes are built to travel the world in comfort and style, with the highest level of specification and capability ever.


Designed to deliver all the advantages that have made the Triumph Tiger 900 so successful in the middleweight category, the new the T-plane triple crank brings the best of both worlds, with the low-down tractability of a twin at the bottom end, making it great off road, combined with the performance benefits of a triple at the top end, which makes the Tiger even better on the road where riders spend most of their time.  Technically, the T-plane crank gives the new Tiger 1200 engine firing pulses at 180, 270 and 270 degrees, resulting in one short gap and two long gaps between the firing, delivering improved character and tractability at low rpm.

The new 1160cc engine brings a major step up in performance with 147 HP peak power at 9,000rpm, 8 HP up on the previous generation, making it the most powerful shaft drive motorcycle in the class. The torque is also significantly higher than the previous generation, with 95 LB-FT of peak torque at 7,000rpm, 5 LB-FT up on the previous engine.

In addition to the step-up in power and torque, the new engine, tune, and T-plane triple crank also bring improved acceleration and a much more responsive and exciting character, where the uneven firing interval gives excellent feel and tractability at the bottom end, combined with the really strong triple power and torque delivery all the way through the rev range. Completing the transformation, every Tiger features the new lightweight low-maintenance shaft drive, a key practical advantage valued by adventure touring riders.

Compared to the previous generation engine, absolutely everything is new, including new bore and stroke, crank, cylinder head, gearbox and clutch, and a completely new shaft drive and bevel box. Overall, every single component has been designed to be significantly lighter and more compact, which has allowed the new engine to have a much tighter overall package, transforming the riding dynamics.

Add to that the new minimal lightweight silencer, and the result is a significantly enhanced soundtrack, with a new distinctive triple tone and bark.


The Tiger 1200 has been designed to set the new benchmark for road and off-road adventure handling, courtesy of a major reduction in weight, an all-new lightweight chassis, a class-leading specification of equipment and all-new rider ergonomics.

Following an extensive mass optimization programmed across the whole bike, encompassing every component, the new generation is now more than 25kg/50.11lbs lighter than the previous Tiger, and up to 17kg/37.47 lbs lighter than the closest shaft drive competition, based on a comparable specification of motorcycle.

For this new generation, each Tiger 1200 family now comes equipped with dedicated wheel dimensions, tailored to suit the adventures that different riders want. On the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer, there is a 21”/18” tubeless spoked set-up for incredible all-road ability, and on the GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer there is 19”/18” cast aluminum arrangement for more dynamic road riding ability. Ensuring outstanding grip and stability, Metzeler Tourance™ tires are fitted to all of the GT models, while the Rally models feature Metzeler Karoo Street™ tires for true all-terrain riding. For advanced off-road riding, the Michelin Anakee Wild is the handbook approved option.

Class-leading Brembo Stylema® brakes are fitted to all Tiger 1200 models for powerful and progressive performance. These have been selected to meet the demands of long-distance road riding and the advanced off-road adventure capability of the Rally models.

The incredible stopping power provided by the Brembo calipers is managed by the advanced Optimized Cornering ABS system fitted to all of the new models, which is supported by a sophisticated IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), which continuously measures the motorcycle’s movement (pitch rate, yaw rate, roll rate, vertical acceleration, lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration) to calculate the lean angle of the bike and deliver the optimum level of ABS intervention. Magura HC-1 levers, adjustable for reach, deliver a progressive feel and further enhance rider comfort and control.

Making a significant contribution to the transformation in weight and handling capability, the Tiger’s new frame, which is 5.4kg/11.9 lbs lighter than the previous design, features a bolt-on aluminum rear sub-frame and bolt-on pillion hangers, enhancements developed from customer feedback.

Additional weight savings comes from the new aluminum fuel tank and all-new tri-link swingarm, which is 1.36kg/3 LBS lighter and stronger than the previous single-sided set-up and incorporates a smaller and lighter shaft drive and bevel box.

Bringing the rider enhanced confidence at low speeds and during non-riding maneuvers, as well as enhanced comfort and control, all of the new 1200s come with new seat and tank ergonomics, where the seat has been slimmed down at the front, where it meets the tank. To further enable each rider to find their comfort zone, all models feature a built-in easily adjustable two-position seat mechanism which enables the rider to change the seat height by 20mm/.78 inches to their preferred set-up.

For the GT, GT Pro and GT Explorer there are two seat height settings – 850mm/33.46 inches and 870mm/34.25 inches, while for the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer these are 875mm/34.44 inches and 895mm/35.23 inches. Through the accessory-fit low seat option, customers will also be able to lower the seat position by an additional 20mm/.78 inches.

A further enhancement to comfort is provided by the new easily adjustable screen, with a simple one-handed adjustment mechanism, plus new aero screen diffusers that deflect the wind off both the rider and pillion.

The handlebar position has been optimized to suit each model in the Tiger 1200 range, contributing to the bike’s improved agility and ensuring great rider comfort. These are 20mm/.78 inches wider than the previous generation for improved off-road control. On the GT Explorer and Rally Explorer, the handlebars are 16mm/.62 inches higher than the other models in the line-up to deliver an even more commanding position. The foot peg positions have also been refined to deliver the optimum rider comfort and control for each model.

All models within the Tiger 1200 line-up have an extensive level of protection for a more secure and comfortable ride: handguards are standard for all models, aluminum skid-guard is fitted as standard on the GT Pro and GT Explorer, while an aluminum sump guard is a standard fit for the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer. Additional protection is provided on the GT Explorer and both Rally variants by the engine protection bars, while the Rally Explorer also comes with fuel tank protection bars. These items can all be added as accessories to the models where they are not standard fit.


The new generation sets a new standard for Tiger technology, with the introduction of a host of advanced features designed to enhance the ride and deliver a step up in safety, comfort, and control.

The GT Explorer and Rally Explorer exclusively feature the all-new Triumph Blind Spot Radar system, developed in partnership with Continental, which delivers two key safety features. Blind Spot Assist uses a rear facing radar to let the rider know when another vehicle is in their blind spot, and Lane Change Assist, which gives a more prominent warning if the rider indicates to change lane and there is a vehicle approaching.

Optimized Cornering Traction Control comes as standard on all of the new line-up, which is supported by the bike’s advanced IMU to deliver the optimum traction control response for the riding conditions.

All of the key information the rider needs is presented through the new class-leading 7” TFT instruments with an optically bonded display, which features a new graphics package. The My Triumph Connectivity System is also fitted as standard on all models, enabling phone calls, turn-by-turn navigation and GoPro control.

Depending on the model, there are up to 6 riding modes available, which adjust throttle response, ABS, traction control and suspension settings for maximum rider control in all riding conditions. The Off-Road Pro riding mode, exclusive to the Rally Pro and Rally Explorer models, is Triumph’s most extreme off-road set-up for advanced off-road adventure, with ABS and traction control turned off, and an off-road throttle map. Rain mode has been tailored to deliver the most intervention and is limited to 100PS for enhanced safety and control when conditions are compromised.

Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer:

Road, Rain, Sport, Rider-configurable, Off-Road and Off-Road Pro 

Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer:

Road, Rain, Sport, Rider-configurable and Off-Road 

Tiger 1200 GT:

Rain, Road and Sport

Great visibility in any riding condition is ensured by the new full LED headlight with a distinctive new signature Daytime Running Light (DRL). Additional visibility and illumination whilst cornering is provided by the lean-sensitive new Adaptive Cornering Lights, which come as standard on all models except the Tiger 1200 GT.

Triumph Shift Assist comes as a standard fit feature on all models, except the Tiger 1200 GT where it is available as an accessory upgrade. Triumph Shift Assist enables easy up and down gear-shifting without needing to action the clutch. Hill Hold is standard on all models except the Tiger 1200 GT. Hill Hold prevents the bike from rolling backwards when setting off on a steep incline, applying the rear brake until sensing the rider is starting to move off.

For enhanced long distance riding comfort in every weather condition, all models except the Tiger 1200 GT come with heated grips as standard, plus the GT Explorer and Rally Explorer also come with heated rider and pillion seats, and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System to ensure the highest possible level of rider safety. For all other models, heated seats and TPMS can be added as an accessory option.

Completing the new Tiger’s comprehensive technology package, all of the new models come with a host of additional features designed to enhance the ride, including intuitive and easily accessible switch cubes with unique-in-segment 5-way joystick control, plus illuminated switches and under seat storage with USB charger. Adjustable electronic cruise control and a center stand also come as standard on all models except the Tiger GT.


Following a brief for styling that was just as ambitious as the handling and performance updates, the new Tiger 1200 line-up delivers a distinctive new look with a more upright, commanding stance enhanced by the new redesigned minimal bodywork, clean contemporary lines and a visually lighter front end.

Each model family has been designed with a more focused look, with the GT family delivering even more road biased style, whilst the Rally family brings even more off-road attitude and stance, courtesy of the new 21’’ front wheel set-up.

The new generation also features a much slimmer waist and more compact design with narrower stand over, which not only makes it easier to get your feet on the floor, but also makes it easier to move around on while riding.

Color Options

Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer                 - Snowdonia White

                                                                                    - Sapphire Black

                                                                                    - Matt Khaki

Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer                        - Snowdonia White

                                                                                    - Sapphire Black

                                                                                    - Lucerne Blue

Tiger 1200 GT                                                            - Snowdonia White


A tailor-made line-up of the very best options needed to enhance any rider’s adventure is available

for the new Tiger 1200, with more than 50 Genuine Triumph Accessories to choose from to enhance the bike’s capability, comfort, style and protection.

Key accessory options include:

Two full luggage systems, with new Trekker molded panniers and 52-liter/13.74 GAL twin helmet top box with passenger backrest, and new aluminum top-opening Expedition panniers, with matching 42-liter/11.10 GAL top box and backrest, available in both brushed aluminum or matt black finish, all developed by Triumph in partnership with Givi.

Comprehensive protection range, with engine bars, tank protection bars and aluminum sump guard.

Heated rider and pillion seats, plus low height heated seat.

Adjustable screen aero deflector

Triumph Shift Assist

LED fog lights

Scrolling LED indicators

Centre stand

All new Triumph Sena Bluetooth headset, a new partnership, which works with the integrated

My Triumph Connectivity System and comes with Sena’s updated sound system by Harman Kardon

Triumph Track+ tracking system

Triumph Protect+ alarm system