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Manufacturer announces plan to unveil new 2020 products

KYMCO announced plans to showcase its new 2020 model year products at CollegeFest, the ultimate back to school event.

Held annually, the event brings together thousands of college students and various vendors to create a unique lifestyle experience. Students learn about new products and brands while enjoying beautiful Fenway Park.

“The New Era of KYMCO” will be demonstrated at CollegeFest by unveiling brand new out-of-the-box design ideas for scooters and motorcycles. KYMCO took a giant leap from its traditional, conservative graphic style to create a new, modern “custom look” to attract the younger demographic.

The designs give the buyer the opportunity to purchase a uniquely designed scooter, ready-made by the manufacturer. This is a first for the powersports industry to offer “custom looks” at an attainable price point.

Each model has a unique design concept inspired by pop art, cultural icons, a modern art guru and more.

The Spade 150i Limited Edition is one of the most eye catching out of the group with its pop art/half tone design. It features a Monroe looking profile whispering the words “Spade”, the model name, onto the gas tank. This sporty, edgy model is guaranteed to capture the attention of the crowd.

Also on display will be the Limited-Edition Like 200i models, equally impressive with the modern art styling inspired by the famous piece Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, 1930, Piet Mondrian. The delicate lines and tiny splash of the few Mondrian’s favorite primary colors gives this popular scooter an elegant and clean look.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Limited-Edition K-Pipe 125 is ready to carry you through the apocalypse with its gas mask silhouette, over aged industrial metal and rivets.

Along with the Limited Editions, students will have the chance to interact with KYMCO’s Like 150i ABS Noodoe, the first and only smart scooter with smart phone connectivity. The compact Like M50 with its collegiate striping is also sure to be a hit.

Limited Edition model t-shirts and KYMCO hats will be available at the event. Local KYMCO dealer, Greater Boston Motorsports, will provide coupons for onsite purchases.

CollegeFest is Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 11AM-5PM and is presented by the ARMY ROTC. This event is for active college students only and you must have college ID to enter.

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