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Sabertooth Motorcycles awarded two trike patents

News Release

Sabertooth Motorcycles is pleased to announce it has been granted two U.S. patents for new, innovative technologies that will be integrated into its lines of WildCat trikes.

The first of these technologies is SureTrac, a Rear-Wheel-Steering system (patent number 8,607,913), which provides added stability and ease of turning. Sabertooth’s proprietary SureTrac system will be standard equipment on the popular V8 WildCat trike series and the new 850cc, 104 hp WildCat “e” trike series.

“Turning the handlebars on a conventional trike requires ever increasing force the faster the rider is going, and on slick roads the front tire can slide while the rear tires go in a straight line,” says Sabertooth Motorcycles Founder Ben Daniels. “Rear steering makes the trike much easier to turn and lets a two rear wheel trike handle nimbly while increasing safety and stability.”

Adding stability and providing a smoother ride is Sabertooth’s new proprietary DynaGrip Active Suspension System (patent number 8,645,024). The WildCat trikes will be equipped standard with the DynaGrip active rear suspension system that will provide a better ride and better handling than trikes with either conventional independent rear suspension or a suspension with a solid rear axle.

Independent rear suspensions provide an overall superior ride, but generally perform poorly in turns. In turns, independent rear suspension systems allow compression of the shock absorbers on one side and extension on the other side. This results in body roll, which shifts the center of gravity to the outside wheel making the trike less stable. Solid rear axle suspensions, on the other hand, perform well in turns, but do not provide the smooth ride of an independent suspension on uneven roads.

The WildCat trike Active Suspension System incorporates an independent rear suspension for a smooth, comfortable ride and also functions to stiffen the rear suspension in coordination with the rider turning the handlebars, thus preventing the trike from leaning or squatting in turns. An active suspension provides a better quality ride in all scenarios, which represents a leap forward in trike technology.

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