Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice commits to AIMExpo

The American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) announced Monday morning that Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice will be exhibiting at the inaugural AIMExpo Oct. 16-20 in Orlando.

Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice will display its house brands as well as other products it distributes at the expo. Plans also call for the company to unveil new product, Hank Desjardins, VP of marketing for Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice, revealed to Powersports Business.

“There are probably two key reasons that AIMExpo seemed like it would have value to Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice, the first being that it was a completely new model (for the U.S. anyway), which would leverage all the major component parts of powersports – OEs, manufacturers/distributors, press and end users. To us that was compelling. The second reason was the October event date. Will the timing help fourth quarter sales? Could it help dealers/retailers with their early planning for 2014? Being part of the show will help answer those questions,” Desjardins said in an email to PSB.

Larry Little, vice president and general manager, Motorcycle Group, of Marketplace Events, said AIMExpo is ideal for a company such as Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice because it gives them an opportunity to present product in front of dealers, consumers and media.

“Because they’ve so grasped the vision, and they clearly see this as the future, what they’ll be is a catalyst for the show,” Little told PSB. “It’s going to be a very positive influence for the show.”

Cycle Gear will also be on hand to sell Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice product directly to consumers, adding a purchasing component to the expo.

The following is the release from AIMExpo detailing the Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice partnership:

The American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) is proud to welcome Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice, a leading distributor of motorcycle and ATV parts, accessories and apparel, to the inaugural AIMExpo. Set to take place October 16-20, 2013 in Orlando, Florida, AIMExpo is the powersports industry’s first combined trade, consumer and media event in North America.

Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice will activate its involvement at AIMExpo in a way never before seen by a distributor participating in a powersports industry event. Taking advantage of the ability to first meet with media and dealers during trade days and later with consumer attendees, the Texas-based distributor will showcase several of its key brands including Speed and Strength, Firstgear, Twin Power, Answer, ProTaper and others.


Educating retailers and consumers on product attributes is an essential component of AIMExpo, and the new opportunity that will spring forth from enthusiastic powersports attendees during consumer days will be answering the question: “Where can I buy this right now?” National retailer and AIMExpo exhibitor Cycle Gear is poised to answer that question, stocking ample inventory of Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice leading brands, ensuring consumers have the opportunity to purchase from the lineup while at the show.

Larry Little, Marketplace Events Motorcycle Group VP and General Manager, applauded the major distributor’s innovative approach to the event. “Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice is demonstrating real industry leadership and fully embracing the AIMExpo vision,” said Little. “We sincerely appreciate their comprehensive participation and admire their creative, thoughtful utilization of this new show platform. AIMExpo is the singular key national event for the powersports business to promote 2014 product, and we look forward to playing an integral role in growing their brands to both retailers and riders.”

“We see the AIMExpo model as the true future for the industry,” said Hank Desjardins, VP Marketing, Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice. “The opportunity to highlight our key brands by revealing new product to the assembled media; interacting with and educating dealers and consumers about our product lines; and doing it all in one place at one time, at the right time of the year shouldn’t be revolutionary, but it is!” He added, “And best of all, the show concept is sure to energize both powersports dealers and consumers in a way that we’ve not seen in North America.”

AIMExpo will be held on October 16-20, 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and will feature both indoor exhibits and outdoor activities at AIMExpo Outdoors.


  1. I believe that DealerExpo, in addition to attempting to retain motorcycle stakeholders, has a big opportunity to promote more in the Side-by-Side space via partnerships. They need to make some serious changes to regain their Mojo. AIMExpo is clearly executing a well-developed strategy while the Indy Expo seems to be trapped without one. Props to Larry Little, Mike Webster and Company.

  2. I am glad to see that Tucker is going to be involved in Florida, especially since the Chicago dealer Reps are obviously burnt out on going. The people that they brought to the table, depressingly enough ARAI included are burnt out on people as well. I realize my life in the motorcycle business is to continue to train people and keep “new blood” energetic about our industry, so they will stay, the horrible representation Tucker Rocky has has at my dealership makes me happy to see the change in event location. Maybe as they look at where the sales are at currently and last year, and then review those dealers again next year to see their new sales, if the reps get their people excited enough, that is, maybe then someone will review the bad service these old burnt out reps are giving the mid-west.

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