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Garmin announces Q1 results as outdoor, marine segments see sales increases

Garmin has announced results for the first quarter ended March 27, 2021.

“Broad momentum across our business segments resulted in strong double-digit revenue and profit growth,” said Cliff Pemble, president and CEO of Garmin, in the announcement. “Interest in fitness, health and active lifestyle products has never been higher, and we believe that we are well positioned to capitalize on the opportunities ahead.”

Highlights from the press release are below:

Revenue from the fitness segment grew 38% in the first quarter driven by strong demand for our cycling and advanced wearables products. Gross margin and operating margin were 56% and 24%, respectively, resulting in 138% operating income growth. During the quarter, we launched Lily, our smallest and most fashionable smartwatch to-date. We also launched the Rally™ series of power meters including a version designed specifically for off-road cycling, representing a new market opportunity.

Revenue from the outdoor segment grew 46% in the first quarter with growth across all categories led by strong demand for adventure watches. Gross margin and operating margin were 67% and 36%, respectively, resulting in 97% operating income growth. During the quarter, we launched Enduro, a new adventure watch built for endurance racing with up to 80 hours of continuous operation in GPS mode while harvesting power from the sun. We also expanded the Approach® family of golf tracking devices with the launch of three new products, each offering exemplary battery life and designed to benefit golfers of every skill level.

Revenue from the marine segment grew 28% in the first quarter with growth across multiple categories. Gross margin and operating margin were 58% and 29%, respectively, resulting in 53% operating income growth. During the quarter, we experienced strong demand for chartplotters and Panoptix™ LiveScope™ sonars as customers prepare their boats for the upcoming season.

Revenue from the aviation segment declined 8% in the first quarter primarily due to reduced contributions from ADS-B products. Gross margin and operating margin were 73% and 26%, respectively. During the quarter, the Garmin G3000® integrated flight deck was selected by Joby Aviation for its all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. In addition, we recently received additional GFC 500/600 autopilot certifications, providing superior autopilot performance, greater reliability, and tremendous safety benefits to a growing number of aircraft models.

Revenue from the auto segment grew 18% during the first quarter primarily driven by OEM programs and growth in consumer specialty categories. Gross margin was 39%, and we recorded an operating loss of $24 million in the quarter driven by investments in OEM programs. During the quarter, we entered the powersports market with the launch of the new Tread power sport navigator, the PowerSwitch digital switching system and BC 40 wireless camera. This trio of solutions helps recreational off-roaders find their way while staying connected, control electrical systems on the vehicle, and monitor their surroundings.

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