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Bosch extends e-scooter sharing service to Paris

After debuting its Coup e-scooter sharing service in Berlin, Bosch has now launched in Paris. The company has put 1,600 e-scooters on the road, with promise of more models to come. 

Anyone 21 years of age or older with an international or EU category B driver’s license can use this service. The Coup app enables users to find, reserve and pay for the nearest e-scooter and then simply ride away on it – all without a key. A helmet and two charged batteries are stored under the seat. Coup makes sure the batteries are always charged so that customers do not have to worry about anything. Powered by electricity from renewable sources, the e-scooters can travel as fast as 45 kph. Users can park them in specially designated zones within Coup’s area of operations.

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