Triumph America launches new online store

News release

Bridgeline Digital, Inc., The Digital Engagement Company, announced the launch of a new business-to-consumer website for the U.S. subsidiary of Triumph Motorcycles, Britain's most iconic and largest motorcycle manufacturer. Triumph's online storefront is the first to launch on the new eCommerce Fulfilled platform offered by Bridgeline Digital. eCommerce Fulfilled deeply integrates Bridgeline's iAPPS Commerce platform with the power of warehouse and supply chain logistics to provide customers with a seamless end-to-end solution.

With a long and celebrated history as one of the world's leading high performance motorcycle brands, and as the fastest growing motorcycle brand in the U.S., Triumph sought to further expand their sales by offering a B2C channel as a service to their dealers in order to augment an already thriving dealer brick and mortar business model. The new website complements and strengthens Triumph's network of more than 200 dealerships across North America and drives a true multichannel experience for their customers.

"Bridgeline Digital has created a user-friendly solution that helps make Triumph's eCommerce business successful," said Matthew Sheahan, Triumph's vice president of sales and operations. "At Triumph, we have unique requirements because of our brand promise and product offering, and the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience both online and in local Triumph dealerships. Bridgeline was able to take those requirements, interpret them, and deliver a website that we believe will drive online sales while enhancing the customer's overall experience with Triumph."

The out-of-the-box and seamless integration inherent to eCommerce Fulfilled provided Triumph with a quick and efficient time to market. By choosing eCommerce Fulfilled, Triumph benefits from the superior webstore capabilities of iAPPS Commerce, the expertise and professional services from Bridgeline Digital, and robust inventory and logistics management. This combination of product and services creates a seamless customer experience that covers Triumph's eCommerce needs all the way from click to ship.

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