Go Pro Powersports, HELPcard target prime, sub-prime buyers

Go Pro Powersports Services announced it has sourced a new revolving program with The HELPcard. Designed for prime to sub-prime buyers, The HELPcard is available in select areas for qualified and enrolled GPPS dealers nationwide.

The program provides a limit of $10,000 and is not tied to invoice or wholesale value guides. Instant online decisions are available, as is online contract processing. There are no insurance requirements, and private label opportunities are available for OEMs and dealers.

“We take pride in creating partnerships and creating solutions that make a difference industry-wide,” GPPS owner Jim Anderson said. “The HELPcard continues this tradition by expanding financing beyond the major unit sale to other departments as well. Our beta test has been going well, and we have been granted permission to expand the program. With HELPcard’s aggressive lending parameters, even more of your buyers will be approved, so you can say, ‘You’re approved!’ more often.”

“The HELPcard has been offering a revolving credit program in many consumer arenas for over 28 years to the prime and non-prime consumer. We are excited about the opportunity to be associated with Go Pro Powersports and financing to the powersports community. We feel we have a product that can help dealers sell more products,” said Heather Philip, HELPcard director of sales.

Also, any current or new Go Pro Powersports Services dealers can enroll in a No Credit Check (NCC) Financing program with the $150 registration fee waived. The NCC program funds purchases from $300-$2,500, including major units, parts, accessories, apparel and service and includes instant, online decisions.

“We are excited to offer this exclusive deal to our current and new dealers. We have seen incredible activity with this program, especially for kids’ dirt bikes, go-karts and ATVs. One of the biggest obstacles with dealers was the enrollment fee. With that out of the way, dealers can take advantage of this great program with more comfort.”

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  1. Please be careful when dealing with Go Pro Powersports as the history I have with them is not very good.

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