A closer look at Dominion’s DX1system

(This story is a sidebar within Dominion unveils ‘revolutionary’ DX1 system.)

Editor’s note: Dominion Powersports Solutions is launching its groundbreaking back-end DX1 management system at Dealer Expo.

What is DX1?
DX1 from Dominion Powersports is a one-stop solution providing dealerships one multi-functional back-end system that supports all of a dealership’s business operations, including management of inventory, sales, marketing, customer development and accounting functions. The system features an industry-first single sign-on entry point that provides the dealer one-click access to all of their business applications. Plus, as the entire system is operated from a single shared database, it provides real-time updates to inventory pricing and metrics along with key dealership financial information, another industry first.

How will DX1 impact dealerships?
DX1 will enable positive outcomes for participating powersports dealerships in many ways. First, the single database creates massive time efficiencies for dealers struggling to align DMS data with marketing information on major units, parts and accessories. Dealership staff in every department will finally experience symmetry in the data they see and the data the consumer experiences online.

Second, all dealership customer data resides in one place, enabling seamless customer development through efficient lead management, transaction tracking and personalized customer experience. Dealers will be able to take consumer information from warranty registration, service department scheduling and other online avenues and place those directly in their CRM follow-up system, without added entry or additional steps. Equally important will be the time savings that the system provides dealership staff, as retyping of lending applications, for example, will not be necessary any longer.

Third, all of the dealership management and marketing tools are contained inside one system, with a single sign on that provides entry to various functions based on employee positions and levels of authorization. While a dealership does not need to utilize only the DX1 system to experience its benefits, those operations choosing DX1 for its complete end-to-end solution will see the greatest benefits.

How will DX1 impact consumers?
The introduction of the DX1 system means more timely and accurate information for the consumer, a critical element as shoppers turn more and more toward the instant information flow of online showrooms and mobile devices. DX1 features one database of information for all aspects of a dealership, ensuring the accounting and marketing functions are always in sync. That means when the last black helmet is sold from the dealer’s in-store inventory, the online shopper wanting to buy it minutes later will receive up-to-the-minute information on availability, shipping and delivery expectations. This retail courtesy — a critical customer touchpoint — does not exist today.

May dealers combine their current applications with DX1 and still experience its benefits?
Yes, Dominion Powersports Solutions has always embraced a flexible and open approach for its users (dealers) and fellow industry partners, allowing the dealer to select the application(s) that best suit their business needs. However, dealerships will experience maximum benefits and cost-saving rewards by taking full advantage of the complete DX1 toolset.


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