April 5, 2010: Six accessories that could personalize that new scooter purchase

Coocase Vivo 28

Company: Coocase

Contact: 401/284-4200; www.coocase.com

The Coocase Vivo 28 fits most full-size helmets. It includes a 32-point universal mounting plate with brackets: compatible with all flat, tubular steel rear luggage racks. It has a weather-proof rubber seal. The lid stays open by itself. It also unlocks from the mounting bracket so riders can take it with them.

MSRP: $74.99

Vintage Exhaust

Company: LeoVince

Contact: 510/232-4040; www.leovinceusa.com; info@leovinceusa.com

The latest LeoVince Scoot offering, the Vintage Exhaust, was done with the idea of combining a classic LeoVince design with the latest materials and technology. The silencer and manifold are made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel and then a fully chromed casing finishes the details of the exterior. The sound, which passes through both a chamber exhaust and LeoVince packing material, is quiet, European sound level approved. The new product line starts off with top of the range GTS 300 version and the GTV/GTS versions for 125 and 250cc engines will soon be available.

MSRP: $419

Moto Grip Death Grip

Company: Moto Grip


Contact: 888/MOTO-GRIP; www.motogrip.net

The Moto Grip Death Grip Set fits 7/8-inch bars. It has a closed-end style, and it’s made with medical-grade gel compound. It also reduces arm pump and bar vibrations.

MSRP: $15.99

Universal Parts GY6 150cc Exhaust

Company: Partsforscooters.com

Contact: 727/347-1661; www.partsforscooters.com

The overall length (muffler) is 20 inches, and the overall outer diameter (muffler) is 110mm.

MSRP:  $149.99

Universal Parts Scooter Stereo System

Company: Partsforscooters.com

Contact: 727/347-1661;


The Convex Mirror Set with LED turn signals and internal, mid-range speakers includes 8mm and 10mm right-hand thread bolts. It’s audible up to 65 mph. The kit comes with 2-inch all-weather, mid-range speakers located inside the mirrors, PLUG & PLAY tweeters that plug directly into the top of the mirrors, a 6.25-inch sub-woofer (fits most trunks and seat boxes), high efficiency 30 watt amp with MP3 hook-up and all installation hardware.

MSRP: $199.99

Kenda K543

Company: Kenda USA

Contact: Kendausa.com;


Kenda’s newest scooter tire is designed for the latest performance-based bikes. The K543’s new softer compound is designed to add additional traction and provide enhanced rider feedback for a more confident ride. As they’re available in a variety of 10- and 12-inch sizes, there’s a fit for most small scooters. Kenda’s new 764 also debuts for 2011 to cover scooters with larger wheel applications (12-18 inches).

MSRP: Not yet available.

Slipstreamer Scoot Series Windshields

Company: Slip Streamer

Contact: 763/780-9757; www.slipstreamer.com

The windshields fit most scooters with 8mm mirror threads. They mount to mirrors up to 18 inches apart. The windshields include anodized aluminum mounts and powder-coated steel hardware for left and/or right handed threads.

MSRP: $103.99


Company: Shoei

Contact: 800/421-7247;


This lightweight helmet (approximately 3.2 pounds for medium size) has an Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber shell as well as adjustable top and rear exhaust vents. The helmet also features a five-layer construction in cheek pad, 3D removable, washable interior liner and padded chin strap. The Semi-Dual EPS liner allows for smooth passage of air, which improves cooling performance. The CJ-1 Face Shield System has a Quick-Release Base Plate that allows tool-less shield removal and eliminates side covers.

MSRP: $384.99

Biker Rain Chaps

Company: Biker Rain Chaps

Contact: 859/261-8737;


The lightweight, waterproof material provides protection from the wind. They protect a rider’s pants from the elements. They loop under the rider’s belt, and the length is adjustable by a 4-inch Velcro strip. An adjustable Velcro opening at the bottom of each leg allows the rider to slide his or her boot through easily.

MSRP: $19.99

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