Japan’s 10-Month Cycle Production Down 5.3%

Japan produced 165,860 motorized two-wheelers during October 2004, up 7,063 units or 4.4% compared to the 158,797 units registered for October 2003, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), which also reported two-wheeler production from January 2004 through October 2004 was recorded as 1,449,685 units, down 81,159 units or 5.3% compared with the production of 1,530,844 units for the same 10-month period in 2003.
JAMA says Honda produced 43,545 units during October, Yamaha produced 70,792, Suzuki produced 33,619, Kawasaki produced 17,879, and a collection of others produced just 25 units.
Exports during October accounted for 119,031 units, down 3,399 units or 2.8% compared to the 122,430 units exported during October 2003. The total value of motorcycles exported during October 2004 was $557.27 million, including $448.57 million for vehicles and $108.70 million for parts.
Of the 119,031 two-wheelers exported during October, JAMA says Honda exported 29,029 units, Yamaha exported 53,152, Suzuki exported 19,482 and Kawasaki exported 17,368. A total of 49,666 units were shipped to the United States while 4,796 units went to Canada.
JAMA says Honda produced 472,342 units from January through October, Yamaha produced 493,405, Suzuki produced 310,523, Kawasaki produced 173,103, and others produced 312 units.
Exports during the 10-month period accounted for 1,077,710 units, with Honda responsible for 281,829 units; Yamaha, 404,967 units; Suzuki, 233,841 units; and Kawasaki, 157,073 units.
JAMA says 446,271 units were exported to North America from January through October 2004. Of that total, 404,864 units came to the U.S. while 41,407 units went to Canada.

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