ATV Magazine Television is now on the air

ATV Magazine Television, a TV show based on concepts featured in ATV Magazine, will air three-times a week on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN).
The 13-week television series begins with showing how ATV Magazine’s editors evaluate ATVs for different applications, including recreation and utility uses. ATV adventures and riding destinations are also featured prominently each week on the show. The cable program also offers ATV riding, safety and maintenance tips.
ATV Magazine Television will air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on OLN, beginning Oct. 2, 2003, through Dec. 28, 2003. A new series of 26 episodes will air starting in January, 2004, also on the Outdoor Life Network. The show is sponsored by manufacturers in the ATV industry: Polaris Industries, Bombardier Recreational Vehicles and Kawasaki Motors.
Pennsylvania to survey ATV Riders
In response to growing numbers of ATV enthusiasts, Pennsylvania’s Department of Consevation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is going to send out about 3,000 surveys to a random sample of ATV owners registered in the state. The hope is to guide the future of activity in the state with the responses.

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