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How’s your attitude?

Nel PascaleIt’s a simple question, but a potentially powerful one in this climate.

“How’s your attitude?” was a question that was answered by every dealer during a recent 20 group session that I attended.

Their overall attitude echoed what I’ve witnessed throughout the industry over the winter: Generally, very good.

And it should be.

Dealer same store sales, as charted by ADP Lightspeed and delivered to Powersports Business readers, were up for a fifth consecutive month in January. Unit sales — new and used — were up in every region but one, and by a double-digit percentage in the South. The latter may be the biggest and boldest sign of improvement yet. (See more on the January results in the upcoming edition.)

But the mere question — how’s your attitude? — is one that should be addressed in every industry setting we have.

John Spader, an industry 20 group moderator and training consultant, told dealers at last year’s Profit Xcelerator, Powersports Business’ annual dealer training conference & expo, “Faith is we’re still going to be a dealer, faith we’re going to be profitable. If you don’t have the faith and you don’t believe, it’s not going to happen.”

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Likewise, if you don’t ask the question — how’s your attitude? — how do you expect it to improve?

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