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Six ideas to get started on YouTube

Christopher KourtakisWith the recent news of Facebook passing Google as the most visited site, we can not forget about the second most used search engine on the Web: YouTube. Is your business using YouTube? Do you have a YouTube profile? YouTube is a great tool to communicate with your customer on a consistent basis. If you have not considered YouTube before, here are 6 quick ideas to help you get started:

Facility Walk Through

This is a great way to reach out to your customers. An online tutorial of your facility even before they walk in the door will make potential customers more comfortable with your business and show them all of the services that you offer. If you have a specific department that stands out above the rest, highlight it.

Meet the Staff

The more familiar your customers are with your business, the more likely they’ll do business with you. A quick hello from each staff member allows your customers to meet your staff even before they walk in the door.

How to Videos

How to videos are great ways to teach your customers various topics from minor maintenance issues to proper riding gear. If there is a special trick to saving time on a repair, show your customers. This will give them confidence that you care about them.

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Don’t worry; this will not deter customers from coming in for service. Some videos may show them that they actually need to bring it in to your service center, as the repair may seem easy, but needs someone with experience to perform the repair. This is also a great way to show customers why you have to charge a certain amount for a repair.

Product Overviews

Did you just get a new sled or cycle in that you want everyone to know about, a short overview video is a great way to generate phone calls and foot traffic. Remember, it does not have to be just units, after market shocks, new style for helmets or new materials used in riding jackets are all great topics for short videos.

Events at your Facility

Make sure you film every event at your facility. Whether it’s a demo day at the local lake, ride for a cause, a service seminar or a weekend away sledding, these are all simple things that get people excited about your company.


Living the Lifestyle

Show people how much fun it is to use the products your company sells. Get them excited about wanting to come visit your facility. The ultimate goal for all of us is to deliver the lifestyle for each of our customers. There is no better way to do that than showing them


  1. These are all excellent ideas for dealership videos. It is because of the popularity and benefits of YouTube that PowerSports Network recently enhanced its Web Site Flix video product for dealers by leveraging YouTube. Having dealership videos showcased on YouTube not only increases the potential audience size, but it enhances the dealership’s search engine presence. And since PSN dealer videos can be tied to specific pieces of inventory and offer links to the dealer’s site, as well as important dealership information, dealers get even more benefit from uploading their videos. Regardless of how dealers decide to leverage YouTube, it is clear that dealers should be tapping into the many benefits the service offers.

  2. PSN – great comments! That is great to hear how you are incorporating video into your website development and services that you are offering the dealerships. i know that I would be interested in learning more on how you are integrating video to assist dealers with inventory.

    Video is a great tool for dealers to use to show case inventory, the special features that the unit offers, etc.

    thanks again for the comments.

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