Create your own virtual showroom

If I walk into your store and don’t find everything I’m looking for and then go online and see all of the products I wanted to see, which is the better shopping experience?

I still love the buying process, even more I love being SOLD by someone who really knows and loves what they sell. Ask the Sears appliance department, I’m an investor. If you cannot afford to stock those exhausts, apparel, helmets and other premium or higher-end products, don’t give up the sale. Present these products virtually!

Offer an alternative in-store electronic purchasing experience with a computer on the floor — preferably with a really big monitor — that has your pre-bookmarked Web sites by category: tires, helmets, exhausts, apparel, etc.  Manufacturers like us spend tens of thousands of dollars on creating Web sites. Why not use them to create your own virtual showroom?

Consumers come to you as a source of expertise; use our investment for your success. Remember, you do not always have to be bigger, just easier.

Are you making it as easy as you can for your consumer to spend their dollars in your store?

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  1. Really great idea. We currently are using a digital photo frame at our POS station for customers to view that is loaded with new product images and they seam to like to check it out. Having a computer on the floor will take it up to a whole new level, thanks for the great tip.

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