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Sea-Doo releases 2023 FishPro lineup

Sea-Doo has released its family of fishing-equipped personal watercraft, allowing more people to experiencing the thrills, versatility and adventure the FishPro creates. The Sea-Doo 2023 FishPro Scout 130, FishPro Sport 170 and FishPro Trophy 170 offer fishing enthusiasts of all levels the exact watercraft platform and features that suit their needs for species, water type and personal preference.

Each come readily equipped with unique FishPro advantages compared to traditional fishing rigs: The ability to access more water, a smaller craft with less prep and cleanup, faster travel to and from fishing spots, closer to the water and the fish, more affordable with lower purchase price and operating costs, easily accessible purpose-built features and the flexibility to turn a fishing craft into a Sea-Doo experience for the entire family.

Sea-Doo 2023 FIshPro Scout
Sea-Doo 2023 FishPro Sport
Sea-Doo 2023 FishPro Trophy

Going beyond fishing, the FishPro family provides a complete on-water experience for whatever the family desires. Features such as direct access front storage are not only convenient for accessing fishing tackle, but have the capability of storing snorkel gear, beach toys and more. At the stern, the two LinQ accessory attachment points can instantly transform the FishPro to a tow sports ready watercraft or add even more storage. The Bluetooth Audio – Premium sound system supplies 100 watts of sound for riders. This feature is standard on the FishPro Trophy and optional on the FishPro Sport.

The Sea-Doo-exclusive iDF Intelligent Debris Free pump system is the industry’s definitive answer to clogged intakes. Available on all FishPro models, it creates exceptional peace of mind, especially while fishing weed beds or trolling. Riders can easily free a clogged intake in seconds by simply reversing the flow of the pump directly from the handlebars. This saves time and avoids entering the water to manually extract debris.

Powered with the Rotax 1630cc 130- or 170-horsepower engine and paired with the revolutionary Sea-Doo platform design, all three FishPro models not only offer exceptional, efficient power, but excellent stability for crisp, predictable handling and the ability to comfortably and confidently fishfrom multiple seated or standing positions.

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