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Citroën launches limited run My Ami Buggy in France

Citroën has responded to the extremely positive reception that My Ami Buggy concept received in December 2021 by launching an ultra-limited series production version inspired by the concept model.

The 50-unit limited edition My Ami Buggy will go on sale June 21 in France, with each customer enjoying a VIP service as part of the online sales process. Deliveries will start Aug. 8.

Citroën’s My Ami Buggy. Photo by Maison Vignaux @ Continental Productions

Laurence Hansen, Director of Citroën Strategy and Product, said: “The public reacted enthusiastically when we presented the My Ami Buggy Concept and many customers asked for it. Today, we are pleased to be able to bring the spirit of this concept to life with this exclusive My Ami Buggy, and to illustrate once again the potential for customizing Ami. With no doors and a convertible roof, My Ami Buggy allows the driver and passenger to feel freer and to enjoy silent driving in electric mode.”

My Ami Buggy includes key elements from the Ami Pop and Ami Vibe versions, such as enhancements to the front and rear bumpers, and added trim around the lights, while the wider wheel arches and rear spoiler give it a more muscular appearance. Black-tinted protective elements reinforce the sense of robustness and contrast with the Khaki color scheme. In addition to the Khaki color, yellow accents enliven the bodywork, while the 14-inch perforated gold wheels contrast with the bodywork color.

In addition to the visual clues on the exterior, My Ami Buggy also features hinged metal tubing to replace the doors and a removable soft-top to make the most of the sun, and to allow customers to get close to the natural environment. Reminiscent of the fabric roofs on legendary Citroëns such as the Mehari or 2CV, the protective grey fabric roof material is waterproof and UV treated to protect both occupants from sunlight or poor weather. The roof fabric is detachable via snap fasteners and can be rolled up and stored securely behind the seats.

The yellow exterior touches are mirrored on-board, highlighting accessories such as the dashboard storage bins, bag hook and door opening straps. The seats are covered in black material enhanced with yellow stitching, while the floor mats also feature yellow detailing on the seams.

To add to the sense of fun and adventure that is central to My Ami Buggy, the front of the model can be personalized, allowing customers to add any message they like onto the vehicle. Each of the 50 examples will be unique, thanks to a special ‘My Ami Buggy ULTRA LIMITED EDITION’ plate that will feature on the dashboard. Each vehicle will be numbered 1-50.

Eurig Druce, Managing Director of Citroën UK, commented: “This is truly fabulous news!  The introduction of a limited run My Ami Buggy clearly demonstrates how customer reaction can help to shape Citroën’s product planning. It’s only available in France for now, and I know it will be a huge success. If there’s sufficient interest from customers here, then there’s every conceivable chance we could see future versions of My Ami Buggy on sale in the UK.”

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