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Mattracks takes delivery of SXV specialty search and rescue vehicle

If one happened to be near the Grand Forks International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, December 12th, they might have seen a C-130 emerge from the dense fog and land on the runway. It was the Air Force delivering a special search and rescue vehicle to Mattracks, the leader in track conversion systems. The vehicle, named the SXV, is to be fitted with a specifically designed track system to greatly assist its off-road capability during search and rescue missions.

The Air Force has been working with Mattracks to upgrade its SXV midsized platform in order to give it the mobility required when running in snow, mud and other soft terrains while maintaining its capability in transition areas and hard surfaces. This Mattracks equipped vehicle will have the ability to be air dropped and be available to other branches of the Armed Forces.


Mattracks is currently working with and has contracts with the Army, Navy, and Marines on other applications and has a long history of supplying to the Armed Forces. Over the past two decades, Mattracks has been involved with multiple defense R&D projects. While they do not want to give out too many details on their customers for national security reasons, Mattracks’ CEO Glen Brazier says, “We are extremely proud to offer our services and products to the brave men and women who defend and protect our country.”

Mattracks, located in Karlstad MN, is an international company that designs, builds and markets wheel to rubber track conversions for almost any multi-axle vehicle. They manufacture over 150 different models that they have sold all over the world, on all seven continents, and for the past 25 years. These systems are found on ATV’s, UTV’s, trucks, tractors, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and military vehicles. Mattracks also designs many systems for custom applications servicing many different industries including the defense industry.

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