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DragonFire releases plans to rebrand

DragonFire, a designer and manufacturer of aftermarket and OEM side-by-side performance parts, has revealed that it has rebranded.

The decision to rebrand comes with an increased focus on customer support, their ride and leading design while maintaining their focus on quality. 

“The UTV market and consumer is ever-changing, with new models and how and where the user rides. DragonFire’s focus on the consumer and improving the riding experience reflects in the release of 75 new SKUs in 6 key product categories,” said Megan Dible, sales and marketing manager. “Along with new race-inspired products, DragonFire has made aggressive changes to our retail prices. We are giving the consumers a premium line of accessories at a competitive MSRP.”

The 2018 Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice Brand Expo in Frisco, Texas, was the spot where DragonFire had its biggest product launch in brand history, introducing dealers to System 3, an exclusive line of wheels and tires developed from years of experience, race-inspired roofs, LED Lights, Bluetooth 6 ft. whips, Opt X Windshields and more. Each item has been tested in the grueling and pounding terrain riders love to conquer.

“We had an excellent showing at the expo. Dealers and reps were buzzing about the new bigger, badder DragonFire,” Dible said. “For us, it’s hard to say what the show stopper was with so many new products.”

Along with the rebrand, the team at DragonFire has revealed new mantras: “Engineered for Excellence” and “Built to Reign.”

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