Blockbuster location helps dealer take starring role

By Kate Swanson

Mosites takes next step alongside movie theatre

Imagine getting in line at your local movie theater and realizing that you’ve still got time to kill before checking out the latest blockbuster. What do you do next? Moviegoers at Phoenix Theatres in North Versailles, Pennsylvania, have a unique advantage — the movie theater is in the same building as a 40,000-square-foot powersports dealership. 

Mosites Motorsports, a 2016 Power 50 dealership near Pittsburgh, has been in its current location since April 2015. John “JJ” Zalenchak, the dealership’s general manager, said relocating to the area has contributed to increased foot traffic and sales. While the dealership does not own the movie theater, it benefits from being next door for visibility and customer walk-ins.  

“We have really good foot traffic in our new location, and we see traffic from just the movie theater itself. People come in here to walk around while they’re waiting for their movie to start, or come afterwards. And the intersection we’re at now is a lot busier than where we were before,” Zalenchak said. “The whole retail environment that we created has been very good for us.”

In 2015, Mosites Motorsports added a new clothing and gear department to meet customer demand.

In 2015, Mosites Motorsports added a new clothing and gear department, which helped create opportunity for potential enthusiasts to get into the sport. Zalenchak said even customers who don’t currently own bikes have come in and shopped around for popular gear from a variety of brands. The dealership now has multiple fitting rooms to help facilitate a retail-friendly destination. 

Zalenchak believes Mosites Motorsports is the premiere dealership of Pittsburgh due in part to its wide selection of powersports vehicles. The dealership carries multiple lines, including Can-Am, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo and Triumph. “We are very fortunate to have success in pretty much all of the brands that we carry,” he added. “Our environment, our engagement with the customer, our inventory and our selection — I really believe that those have helped in driving the customers to our business.”

The dealership’s showroom is separated into branded sections of each line that it carries, with the desire to be a destination dealership with an area for each enthusiast. “If you are a die-hard Ducati fan, then you have your world and area you can be in, and if you’re a die-hard BRP customer, then we have your world and area set up as well,” he added.

Left: The dealership is 40,000 square feet in size and carries Can-Am, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Vespa, Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo.
Right: Mosites Motorsports is located approximately 30 minutes from Pittsburgh and is next door to a popular movie theater, which helps bring in new business.

In the past year, Zalenchak said there has been a lot of growth from both its Ducati and Triumph brands. Mosites Motorsports added Ducati just over two years ago and has pushed to be more active in the sport bike community. In 2016, the dealership was awarded as the Top Growth Volume Dealer for Ducati in the mid-Atlantic region and was also a part of brand’s Elite 16, winning a trip to Italy during World Ducati Week. 

“It was great meeting a bunch of Ducati enthusiasts and employees; it’s not hard to be excited about a brand when you experience that ‘Ducatista’ lifestyle and brand,” he said. “Two years in and winning those awards … it’s been performing very well for us.”

In addition to Ducati and Triumph sales growth, the dealership made several improvements in 2016 to continue its success. Zalenchak said Mosites Motorsports has increased its involvement on different social media channels as a great push for engaging its target online audience. Recently, the dealership joined Garage Composites and partnered with RpmOne.

When it comes to its staff, Mosites Motorsports believes in a foundation of training and constant improvement. Through Garage Composites workshops with Sam Dantzler and sending available technicians to OEM-offered training sessions, the dealership is continuously working to streamline its processes and best serve its customers. 

Mosites opened in its current location in 2015. Since that time, the dealership has won awards from Ducati, Honda and Kawasaki for its sales and service departments.

To continue improving customer interactions and better the overall experience, Mosites Motorsports participates in several secret shopper programs and pays close attention to its CSI scores. “We get shopped by BRP, Ducati and Triumph on a regular basis. We love listening to what customers and potential customers feel, and we love to learn,” Zalenchak added. 

From a service perspective, the dealership has won multiple awards from OEMs like Honda and Kawasaki, as well as employing two BRP master technicians in house. “We’re covered in all areas. The biggest thing that helps us in the service department is our enthusiasm. Having technicians, a service manager and service writers who are all riders and have their hearts in the business helps create our success,” said Zalenchak. “Nobody wants to see another fellow powersports enthusiast without their machine.” 

Mosites Motorsports has also upped the number of events it hosts on site during the month. The dealership began hosting race-viewing parties, which have continued to grow in attendance. It also offers boater safety courses during the summer months, so customers have more opportunities to get their watercraft license. With its Ducati and Triumph brands, the dealership has been able to host successful launch parties for new models like the Triumph Bonneville Bobber and the Ducati SuperSport. “There’s always room for improvement on in-store events, and that is one of our focuses this year,” said Zalenchak.

The dealership’s showroom is divided into branded sections for each line that it carries, with the desire to be a destination dealership with an area for every powersports enthusiast.

Out in the community, the dealership also engages in boots-on-the-ground marketing and has a large presence at several Pittsburgh events. Mosites Motorsports has been a part of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, Pittsburgh International Auto Show and the Pittsburgh Outdoor Show, to name a few. “We do a lot to help get our name out there. We are enthusiasts just like they are, so when they participate and attend these shows, we want them to see that we are with them,” Zalenchak said. “We want to be recognized as the premier powersports dealership in Pittsburgh.”

In late August, Mosites Motorsports will cross another milestone off its list. MotoAmerica will make its way to Pittsburgh for the first time, and the dealership is set to host the BRP kickoff party. Plans for the launch party include live music, food vendors and a big open house sale. Zalenchak said the event will be a great opportunity to promote business as well as support MotoAmerica. “As soon as we saw that they were coming here we jumped onboard and definitely want to help MotoAmerica. We’re going to have a kickoff party and then a prominent role at the track,” he said. 


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