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Dynojet launches DynoWare RT

H-D Fuel Tap accessory gets data in sync

Dynojet Research took another step forward on the dynamometer hardware front with the launch of its DynoWare RT and its accessory, the H-D Fuel Tap.

For starters, the DynoWare RT is the “next generation” of Dynojet dynamometer electronics, providing such features as high-speed Ethernet communications to PC, wireless network capability, multiple expansion ports for current and future upgrade and built-in 0-5v Analog Channels. The dyno’s configuration is now embedded inside the DynoWare RT module, so it’s easy to connect any PC that has PowerCore installed. DynoWare comes standard with new DynoJet dynamometers and is available as an upgrade for existing Dynojet models.

The H-D Fuel Tap, meanwhile, is an accessory for the DynoWare RT that provides a quick and easy connection to the fuel system on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It allows for the fuel pressure signal to be accessed from the motorcycle directly into the dyno’s electronics software.

“So as you’re making a dyno run or a load control test, say a fuel map or calibration, you can measure the real-time fuel pressure,” Will Fong, sales and marketing manager at Dynojet, told Powersports Business during the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati. “We’ve had pressure sensors available, but not in a turnkey application like this, with a specific connection that’s plug and play, and turnkey.

DynoJet brought an impressive lineup of new products for 2015 to the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati.
Dynojet brought an impressive lineup of new products for 2015 to the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati.

“In the service department, it’s a huge time saver. Instead of sitting on the dyno and trying to tune around let’s say a problem on the bike that you might not realize is a mechanical problem with the fuel system, by actually seeing what the fuel pressure is doing, you could right away rule out that it’s a mechanical problem with the bike and take it off the dyno instead of wasting a bunch of time trying to tune around a problem that you might think is related to the calibration.”

The H-D Fuel Tap is for fuel-injected Harley-Davidson bikes and is designed to measure and synchronize fuel pressure readings with other data while conducting dyno tests. It utilizes a precision 0-100 psi pressure transducer and quick disconnects for fast, easy installation and accurate results. It synchronizes fuel pressure data with other dyno specific data, including H-D J1850 or H-D LAN Data. It’s ideal for shops that use DynoWare RT and Power Core software.

Dynojet’s new Target Tune, set for a second quarter release, is another new accessory for Power Vision that can add a new dimension to the Harley-Davidson ECM. When paired with a Target Tune-specific calibration flashed by a Power Vision, the ECM will run closed loop fuel control based on wideband oxygen sensors. The Power Vision-delivered calibration changes the coding in the ECM to “understand” the wideband signal (from Target Tune) and allows the ECM to accurately achieve the target AFR.

Target Tune can use any H-D ECM that is “closed loop capable (model years 2005-later).”

The target fuel table from the calibration/tune is achieved in real time. The Target Tune learns and uses VE (Volumetric Efficiency) table corrections as the bike is being ridden. It does not interfere with dealer diagnostic/service tools. An OEM-style connector to plug into the factory oxygen harness is included, in either 2- or 4-pin versions.

The new Data Link Module for the DynoWare RT provides data such as engine temp, spark advance, MAP for use while making EFI calibrations, diagnosing a problem or getting a horsepower reading.

“It connects to the EFI Harley-Davidson motorcycles and gives you all the data acquisition inputs from the bike into our dyno software,” Fong said. “It’s a real-time display as you’re making your dyno test.”


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