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UForce 800 finds its niche in franchised dealerships

From apple and orange orchards owners to ranchers and landowners across the country, the CFMOTO UForce 800 has been well received in the utility UTV marketplace since its launch in 2013. The V-twin-powered, 8-valve, 4-stroke liquid cooled machine with EFI has proven to be an ideal addition to the CFMOTO lineup.

The UForce 800 replaced the brand’s previous utility entry, the single-cylinder UForce 600.

“Some people liked the price point of the 600 because it did what they wanted it to do for the price they paid for it,” said Dave Auringer, vice president of sales and marketing for CFMOTO-U.S., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hangzhou, China-based CFMOTO, which has a 1.6 million square-foot factory there. “Consumers wanted more torque and more horsepower, because they’re utilizing it in ways that they never thought they would have. They need that extra power.”

Auringer revealed to Powersports Business that CFMOTO dealerships — now some 170 strong at franchised-only stores — this summer can expect to see another low-cost utility machine to take the place of the old 600.

“So we’ll fill that $6,000-$7,000 range, too,” Auringer said. “There are still people out there that want that price point. And the 800 is selling very well.”

Among the accessories included with the UForce 800 are a ROPS-certified cage, a 3,000-pound winch, integrated grab bars, custom automotive paint, adjustable mirrors, 14-inch alloy wheels, roof and safety doors, a large capacity dump box and 2-inch receiver hitch. It’s available with or without EPS. MSRP for the UForce 800 is $9,999 ($10,799 EPS).

“The 800cc CFMOTO engine provides great torque for the landowners, whatever they need at slower speeds,” Auringer said. “It also provides plenty of power on the top end, so you can use it for sport if you wanted to, but it’s designed for the rancher or landscaper use.”

The CFMOTO UForce 800 has found success across the country with orchard owners, ranchers and other agricultural-type buyers.

The CFMOTO UForce 800 has found success across the country with orchard owners, ranchers and other agricultural-type buyers.

With CFMOTO side-by-sides having seen continued sales growth in the U.S., production of OEM and aftermarket parts developed specifically for their machines is making progress.

“Our buyers want enclosures for their work machines. We have half- and full-windshields now, but our dealers and consumers want soft sides and hard covers with heaters,” Auringer said.


With those demands in mind, CFMOTO-U.S. is working with fellow Minnesota-based company KFI on offering those types of products. And while the aftermarket segment will be covered with KFI’s product, OEM-produced accessories won’t be far behind, either. Following a meeting with the Soucy Group, a well-recognized components and parts manufacturer based in Drummondville, Quebec, during EICMA last year, CFMOTO’s China factory will begin offering OEM accessories in the future.

Those developments are the latest in a fast-moving growth plan for CFMOTO, which has some dealers who plan to combine for sales of nearly 1,000 ATVs and side-by-sides in the coming years.

“We’re the new guy on the block, if you want to say, in the franchised dealerships,” Auringer said. “The UForce 800 is the most popular model we sell, and it fits well in a showroom.”

CFMOTO sales have been boosted by the brand’s alignment with franchised dealers. A lower price-point option and the dealership’s stamp of approval have combined to be beneficial to both the dealer and OEM.

“What’s nice now is that we’re there; we’re an option. We stack up well against the different products out there. Our philosophy is fewer dealers selling more units for more profit, and that’s working very well,” Auringer said.

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