John Deere joins ROHVA

The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association has announced that Deere & Company has joined its organization of ROV manufacturers dedicated to the protection and promotion of the ROV community.

“We are excited to have such a well-respected company and major manufacturer of side-by-side vehicles join ROHVA,” said ROHVA executive vice president Paul Vitrano. “We believe that John Deere will play a vital role in supporting ROHVA’s mission to promote the safe and responsible use of ROVs and its continued development of robust voluntary vehicle standards through the American National Standards Institute. In turn, we believe that John Deere and its customers will greatly benefit from ROHVA’s online E-Course and hands-on Basic DriverCourse, as well as our extensive work with Congress, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, state legislatures, land managers, national rider groups and others.”

“John Deere is proud to become the newest member of ROHVA,” said Siva Sundaresan, Global Director of John Deere’s Utility Vehicle Product Line. “We began manufacturing our line of Gator Utility Vehicles back in the early 1990s and have recently announced the launch of the RSX850i, our newest model and the first true Recreational Utility Vehicle in the Gator line. We are looking forward to working with ROHVA and its member companies on important issues that face our customers, our dealers and our industry.”

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  1. can the unit be fitted with windshield,doors,power steering ,power brakes and winch ? Martin

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