Minnesotan manufacturer shares profit with employees

Central Boiler and smaller sister company, Altoz Precision Mowers, are gaining attention for profit sharing amongst its 235 employees, according to an article in the Star Tribune.

Owners Terri and Dennis Brazier distributed $1.26 million to their employees at the end of 2015, approximately $5,400 per worker. This sum included production workers, who average $20.75 per hour, plus benefits.

Dennis Brazier commented in the Star Tribune interview: “You treat people the way that you want to be treated. We’ve been blessed to have so many talented people come to work for the company. They are the heart of the company. Most have been around for at least a decade.”

Terri Brazier told the Star Tribune: “We’ve always made money and try to focus on consistent profit-sharing for the employees. We’ve asked if they would like more in their wages, but they like the profit sharing. It’s harder to save from wages.”

The Braziers launched Altoz Precision Mowers in 2012, and it has now grown to a 30-employee company, sharing a 300,000-plus-square-foot manufacturing facility in Greenbush, Minn., with Central Boiler.

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