Harley partners with Shell

Harley-Davidson has agreed to put all 14,000 plus Shell-branded stations on its online H-D Ride Planner; where riders will be able to find Shell V-Power premium gasoline. In return, Shell will be the exclusive fuels sponsor for the H-D 105th Anniversary Celebration in August 2008, according to Shell’s press release.

H-D’s Ride Planner allows motorcyclists to pre-plan their trips utilizing an interactive map as well as locating authorized H-D dealers and soon fill ups at Shell-branded stations. Riders will also be able to see an aerial view of the station and its surroundings prior to their trips.

H-D Vice President of Licensing and Special Events Joanne Bischmann says H-D is excited with the new partnership.

"We're also delighted to add a new level of service for riders to our online Ride Planner through the inclusion of Shell stations,” she said.

Both companies’ Web sites will provide more information about the partnership as it becomes available; www.harley-davidson.com, www.shell.com/us.

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