Suzuki rounds out ATV lineup

Suzuki’s expanded ATV lineup for 2004 suggests that the company is dedicated to rounding out its lineup to fill a variety of needs. From the kid-geared mini quads to the full-on sport-utility models, Suzuki appears to be working hard at regaining a significant share of the ATV market.
While Suzuki has taken the somewhat unusual step of introducing its ATV lineup prior to its annual dealer meeting, it’s still holding a trump card.
Suzuki officials said dealers will be first to see a big new quad at their annual meeting Sept. 12-14 in Las Vegas.
Quadsport 50
The LT50 features a 49cc, air-cooled, two-stroke engine with a single-speed transmission. It has a built-in throttle limiter so kids can’t speed off without parental supervision.
Another safety feature is the ignition cut-off tether line, which parents can hold onto, to cut power to the machine when necessary.
The QuadSport 50 has a steel frame and a single A-arm front suspension with twin shock absorbers. The rear suspension has a single shock. Drum brakes provide stopping power front and rear, halting the 7-inch wheels. The quad has full floorboards for added safety.
For $1,799, and weighing in at 156 pounds, the QuadSport 50 provides a good ATV option for the kids who want to ride. It also has the
big-boy graphics found on full-size Suzukis, which should make kids excited to hop on.
Quadsport 80
When kids graduate from their 50cc quad, but aren’t old enough for full-size ATVs, the QuadSport 80 can fill the gap. This quad also appeals to small adults who are intimidated by manual clutches and large wheelbases.
The LT80 has been in the Suzuki lineup for quite some time, but has been given a new look for 2004. The RM-inspired graphics make it look like a full-size Suzuki. It has an 82cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder engine that is forced-air cooled. Its automatic, variable-speed belt drive transmission makes this machine operator-friendly.
The suspension consists of a single A-arm in the front and a single shock in the rear. The QuadSport 80 has 19-inch tires, which make it a little taller than the 50 model. The quad is bigger than the 50cc version, but still has the built-in throttle limiter.
The QuadSport 80 weighs 220 pounds, has a load capacity of 132 pounds and has an MSRP of $2,299.
QuadSport 160
The step up from the LT80 is the LT160. It has a 158cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a five-speed transmission. Unlike the smaller Suzukis, the QuadSport 160 is an automatic clutch machine with reverse; it has a foot-operated shifter without a hand clutch lever. To shift, the rider simply lets off the throttle and pulls the foot shifter up to find the next gear.
The front suspension features a single A-arm and the rear has a pre-load adjustable single shock. It also has a headlight and taillight, which aren’t on the smaller Suzuki quads. At 341 pounds dry, it won’t be intimidating for a beginner, but it will have potential once the rider’s skills increase. And with a $2,799 price tag, the QuadSport 160 isn’t a break-the-bank investment.
Ozark 250
This machine is Suzuki’s “work and play” quad. The Ozark has a 246cc, four-stroke, air-cooled engine with a single overhead cam. It has an automatic clutch and shaft drive. This machine can be started in gear and has reverse.
The Ozark has more than eight inches of ground clearance and nearly a 45-inch wheelbase. The suspension consists of an independent double-wishbone, coil-over-shocks in front and a single-shock swingarm in the rear. Stopping power comes from dual discs with single-piston calipers up front and a drum brake in the rear.
Aesthetically, the Ozark has sporty-looking plastics with built-in mud guards, full floorboards and flared fenders. A storage box is located underneath the seat.
To prove its functionality, standard features on the Ozark are a DC power outlet, trailer hitch and steel-tube racks. For $3,499, this quad is a worker and a player.
Eiger 400
The four machines in this line are sporting new clothes for 2004. The entire Eiger series, which is comprised of 2×4 and 4×4 automatic and 2×4 and 4×4 five-speed manual ATVs, is now available in Advantage Max-4 HD camouflage. The rest will remain the same: The series still has a 376cc four-stroke engine, a double A-arm suspension and the start-in-gear feature. In camo, the Eiger is $5,499.
Following the Eiger’s new pattern, the Vinson 500 will be available in Advantage Max-4 HD camouflage. It will also sport a new digital fuel gauge. The rest will remain the same on this model, with its 493cc, four-stroke, four-valve engine and a 2WD to 4WD handlebar-mounted electric push-button system. The MSRP for the new camo edition is $6,699.
Sport Models
The QuadSport Z250 has the features of a sport quad, but it’s not designed to be a big-guy-only quad. This mid-size machine will be good for small-framed riders who want some zip.
The Z250 has the same 246cc powerplant as the Ozark with a five-speed automatic clutch and reverse. It has the same body style as the larger Z400 sport model, but a smaller price tag of $3,899.
The QuadSport Z400, which is Suzuki’s landmark sport quad released for the 2003 model year, has grabbed racer attention. The starting line of many ATV races sees a lot of this machine. It has a 398cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine. It has a manual five-speed transmission with reverse and can start in gear. It retails for $5,699.

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