Memorable companies/products at Dealer Expo

Along with the lack of trade-show models, which I personally wasn’t disappointed about, the overall supplier attendance at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis this past weekend was quieter than previous years. That’s not to say, however, the attendees’ spirits weren’t up.

Despite the tough challenges most companies faced in 2009, many haven’t lost their humor, which was evident by some of the company/product names at the expo. Although their names made me snicker, many are bringing quality products to the market, including one that was chosen for a Nifty 50 award from Powersports Business.

Here are a few of the more memorable names:

-Bike Condoms
-Love Handles
-Ball Swappers
-Now Hear This
-Banana Boards
-Go Strapless
-Stripper Juice

Any others worth mentioning?


  1. Advanstar’s new ‘Family Friendly’ policy for Vendors explicitly prohibits the seductive show models that were there in years past. (Everyone remembers LBZ’s booth – complete with stripper pole on 2nd level and real-live porn starts to service it!)

  2. What happened to the age limit and the no stroller policy? We’re trying to do a 2 year deal in our booth with a kid in a stroller screaming at the top of his lungs? PRI and SEMA stop these people before they enter the expo area and lead them to the Kids Center…

  3. We found the attendees to be in good spirts, but focused. It appeared to us that dealers came intent to either buy or get specific research. Their mood seemed relaxed, but business oriented. As for names, ours being 50 Below as been a conversation item and smile starter for over a decade.

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