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Here is a dumb question: If you think positive things will you feel and do better? Of course you will. If you are happy with your attitude right now, then maybe you don’t need to read this. But if you are like me and most people, you want all the encouragement you can get.

First, you must believe that a good attitude is free to have. You can’t buy it, and you can’t sell it. It is yours for the having. No charge. A good attitude will determine how you think and feel and will get you all the rewards that come with it.

Attitudes are like a yo-yo. If you find your attitude is heading in a downward direction, all you have to do is pull up on the string, and the yo-yo will obey.

The string is on your finger. You are in command. When a captain gives his troops an order, the troops obey. They do not question it. They trust the order given will lead them to a better place.

Inside of you are the troops. You, with your mind, are the captain. If you give yourself positive orders on what to think about, you will have a great frame of mind. How could that not be true?

If you say you can’t have a good attitude because [fill in the blank with your excuse], well, you lose. Go ahead and feel bad. It’s your life. It is bad enough something happened you wish didn’t, but the worst part is you inflicted yourself with a bad attitude and added to the problem instead of pulling up on the string. I have learned that if you argue for your limitations, you will almost always be right. If you say you can’t do it, then you probably won’t. If you say you can do it, then who can stop you, at least from trying?

Thieves can break into your house. Tires will go flat. There is a whole world out there trying to get the best of you. They don’t need your help. As I have said many times, be your best friend, not your worst enemy.

There are many things in life you cannot control, but your attitude is not one of them. When you realize you own it outright and mix in a true Gotta-Wanna effort, you can take on the world and win.

An attitude is like a pile of dog crap you stepped in. Yes, it sucks, but just for the moment. You moan and groan as you should when you realize what you stepped in. But then you wipe it off and keep on keeping on, full steam ahead.


As just one example, I have witnessed more than one salesman lose a deal because a customer’s credit was turned down. They sat in the pile and stewed about it rather than wiping it off and going out with a big smile and saying hello to their next customer. It is a choice either way. When dog crap happens, I hope you elect to just wipe it off and have a super day.

Steve Lemco is the youngest brother of the late Ed Lemco and has been doing sales training and hiring for motorcycle dealers since 1983. Steve has trained in every state in the U.S., as well as England, France, Australia and New Zealand. Steve incorporates motivational boards and games along with his training and hiring because he believes the best way to get the job done is to make it fun.
Phone: 253/826-6110


  1. How can I get a copy of your ‘you gotta wanna’ on cd or dvd?

    thank you

  2. Hi. You Gotta-Wanna is a book. It is for sale on Amazon or you can order it from me for $19.95. I do have an old 1985 CD of the 7 step Lemco procedure that does talk about You Gotta-Wanna. It is an hour long with My brothers Ed, Ron and I roll playing it out. It also has a 30 minute telephone procedure video included. It sold for $195.00 I also have a 10 subject CD That sold for 149.00. If you want all three I would send them for $195.00 plus cost of shipping. If you should be interested in sales hiring and training I have been doing it for 30 years with great results

    Hope you are having a good season.


    Steve Lemco


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