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Grow your market share with ProfitX keynote

Are you well-positioned for a full market recovery? The keynote that kicks off the 2010 Powersports Business Conference & Expo, “4 Strategies for Expanding Your Market Share” by Dave Mitchell of The Leadership Difference, will help you better understand the answer to that question by challenging you to identify the needs of your customers and deliver customized services for our new market.

Participants will learn the four primary decision drivers within the market; how to identify these decision drivers in their customers; their own preferred style of leading, selling and servicing customers; and how to adjust their style of leadership, selling and service to meet the needs of the market.

During the session, Mitchell will use humor, stories and examples to identify the individual market “sweet spots” that drive business decisions and teach participants how to situationally adjust the way they lead, sell and service appropriately.

Mitchell is a popular and engaging speaker whose clients have included Hilton Grand Vacation Clubs, Sub-Zero/Wolf Appliances, Electrolux Appliance Company, as well as Rosen Hotels and Resorts.

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