What’s Your Relationship Quotient?

An RQ is a Relationship Quotient. It is a combination of client focus, interest in and concern for the client, courtesy, and energy. Clients begin to assess your RQ in a matter of seconds from the moment you approach them – whether face-to-face or phone. From the first moment, you send a message to clients of who you are and what they can expect from you.
We have all been victims of the no eye contact and disinterested salesperson. We also all have been touched by the professional who literally makes our day with exceptional care. And we have all seen the neither disinterested nor highly tuned in salesperson, who just “does his/her job.”
Let’s look at a scenario and then check out “NO WAY RQ” (Low) or “EVERY DAY RQ” (High) strategies and skills.
A couple dressed in business attire approached a salesperson who was alone in a cubicle sitting at a desk. “Can you help us?” one of the clients asked.
How did the salesperson respond?
1. Did the salesperson smile?
2. Did the salesperson introduce him/herself?
3. Did the salesperson greet them/stand up?
4. Did the salesperson ask their names?
5. Did the salesperson take ownership to give the clients the feeling their needs would be met or problem solved – in spite of the fact there was a possibility that this salesperson may have to refer the client to another team member?
6. Did the salesperson make the clients feel welcome and cared about?
And if not, why not – and at what cost? Now let’s look at two dialogues: “No Way RQ” and “Every Day RQ.”

Client: “Can you help us?”
Salesperson: “Well (pause), how can I help you?”
Client: “I want to get …”
Salesperson (calling over to a colleague): “These people want to get … Carol will be with you shortly when she is finished.”
The salesperson left the clients standing at the outskirts of his cubicle – in spite of there being a small area nearby with four empty, cushioned chairs around a table where he might have directed them to wait.

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