Here’s Nifty Fifty, Part 1

Fifty nifty new products
To help you better plan your time at the Dealer Expo, the Editors of Powersports Business magazine have picked 50 products that we think might be worth looking at. The products selected for our Nifty Fifty award range from performance products to apparel.
We haven’t tested all of these products, but based upon advance information provided by manufacturers, we’ve selected what we believe could be 50 of the most interesting and potentially profitable items for dealers.
Here, then, are the first 25 products. The second 25 products will be presented in the Feb. 10 issue of Powersports Business. We’ll also have a list of the Nifty Fifty at our Booth #535, our home at the Expo. Stop by and see us.

Armed Guard
Booth # 4102
Category: All Powersports
“Sport” Universal Alarm
Contact: 541/322-5680
Designed for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles and marine craft, the Sport alarm has a 30-minute internal battery backup and a compact, water-resistant design. Installation takes a mere 10 minutes.

Booth # 401
Category: Motorcycle
Air jersey and pants
Contact: 800/421-7247
The “Air” jersey features padded elbows, shortened sleeves, open cuffs to maximize airflow, and fade-free sublimated graphics. Available in red, blue, black, yellow, green, orange and red/white/blue. The pants have Armor link mesh venting panels, a ratchet-closure waist, 10mm Biofoam back panel, a larger knee to accommodate braces, Spandex stretch panels and Keprotec inner-knee panels. Available in red, blue, and red/white/blue.

Baker Built Air Wings, Inc.
Booth # 145
Category: Motorcycle
Hand Wings for the Honda GL 1500
Contact: 419/965-2646
Color-matched, the Hand Wings are fully adjustable to deflect cold air away from the hands and arms. Can be used for the opposite affect in warm-weather riding. No drilling required; a special adapter attaches the units directly to the mirrors.

Booth # 6105
Category: Motorcycle/ATV
Contact: 562/407-5860
The MX Sport Lift is a portable, 94-lb. unit for use on MX bikes and ATVs. Raises 500 lbs. up to 32 inches via a foot-powered hydraulic pump. 10” center-top hole eases oil changes.

Custom World International
Booth # 8033
Category: Motorcycle
Floorboard Heel Rest
Contact: 450/974-7699
The Heel Rest fits on most floorboards (except Kawasaki), and can be mounted in various positions to fit various inseam measurements. Quicker to install and easier to use than highway pegs.

Booth # 2537
Category: ATV
Mud Lite tire
Contact: 800/859-4740
The new Mud Lite is an extremely light six-ply-rated mud/trail tire that will come in 24 sizes and two styles: the AT, sizes 22 to 25 inches; and the XL, sizes 26 to 28 inches. Has a consistent center tread for trail riding, as well as deep, angled shoulder lugs for the mud.

Jardine Performance Products
Booth # 501
Category: ATV
Nerf Bars, Bumpers and Grab Rails
Contact: 800/347-8664
Previously private-labeled, Jardine’s nerf bars, front bumpers and rear grab rails are available for most popular sport quads. Hand-crafted tig weld construction, brushed satin finish and easy bolt-on installation.

Johnson Engineering
Booth # 3564
Category: Motorcycle
WideGear 30mm Drive Extension
Contact: 319/984-9298
For late model (1991 and up) Softail, Dyna and FL/FXR. Allows rear tire widths of up to 230mm without shifting the wheel, engine or transmission. Allows 100mm of additional tire with a chain final drive, and 60mm of additional tire when a 1.5” belt is used.


Kolpin Outdoors, Inc.
Booth # 5255
Category: ATV
ATV Light Bar
Contact: 920/928-3118
Built for universal ATV installation, this heavy-duty unit comes with wiring, an on/off switch and two high-illumination 55 watt bulbs – which provide up to three times more light than traditional high-intensity bulbs. Delivers a beam with a reflective range of up to 2600 feet.

Booth # 3259
Category: Motorcycle
Contact: 940/668-0771
Forged aluminum, chrome, triple trees for wide glide applications. Features a unique collet clamping system which is said to eliminate loose fork tubes. A smooth design with no visible bolts or slots. Comes complete with hidden built-in fork stop and installation tools.

Booth # 8102
Category: Motorcycle
“Phantom” Swing Arm Cover Set
Contact: 800/843-7896
Installation of this lighted, chrome swing arm cover for 2000 and newer Softails takes about 30 minutes. Comes with a bank of high-visibility red LED which can be run as marker lights, or additional turn signals or brake lights.

Booth # 3735
Category: All Powersports
Revelation X jr.
Contact: 800/369-1000
With a shell made using Multiple Inclusion Technology, this off-road helmet designed specifically for kids weighs 1200 grams and comes with a chrome chin piece, D-ring retention system and removable RideFlex interior. DOT approved and Snell 2000 certified. Sizes small, medium and large

Booth # 3501
Category: Motorcycle/ATV
Contact: 805/642-9435
Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, these clutch baskets utilize stainless steel inserts where the clutch plate tabs make contact with the baskets. Offers increased durability. Available for most popular off-road motorcycles and ATVs.

Moose Racing
Booth # 1625
Category: All Powersports
Monarch Pass apparel
Contact: 800/369-1000
This new cold-weather riding gear made with eVENT fabric keeps wind and water out yet allows perspiration to evaporate and the skin to breath. Vented, lined, reinforced, and turns into a fanny pack.

National Cycle, Inc.
Booth # 925
Category: Motorcycle
F-Series (F-16 and F-18) fairings
for “Naked Bikes”
Contact: 708/343-0400
The F-Series fairings are made of Lexan and bolt up to the headlight bracket without any additional uprights or extensions. The 13.25” or 9.25” F-16 offer 50% and 5% light transmission, respectively. The F-18 measures 11.25” and also allows only 5% light transmission.

Booth # 5360
Category: Motorcycle
Contact: 805/581-4700
Designed for sport bikes or cruisers without center stands, the Rollastand can be used to prop a bike up for maintenance. Easy operation; for use on front or rear wheel.

Booth # 3117
Category: Motorcycle
Pro-Monster forks
Contact: 800/884-4173
These forks with 3” fork tube covers feature CNC machined billet aluminum lower legs in smooth or ball-milled designs and sanitary flush-mount fork nut covers. Come with 2” billet aluminum triple tree and 3” fork tube covers. Available with or without integrated LED turn signals.

Booth # 625
Category: Motorcycle
DFO fuel injection module for EFI Twin Cam H-D
Contact: 800/974-1717
This high-performance induction system consists of an oversized CNC billet throttle body, a high-flow cast intake manifold and a pre-set DFO fuel injection module to bolt-on to EFI Twin Cam Harley-Davidson models from 1995 to present. Throttle body available in two sizes: 3mm and 6mm.

Booth # 3243
Category: Motorcycle
Contact: 714/685-3333
The Top Fuel Street Drive conversion is a complete bolt-on package designed to be a direct replacement for the chain assembly on all 1990-up Softail and Dyna models, including Twin cams. Capable of handling any size engine. Comes in two distinct kits.

S&S Cycle, Inc.
Booth # 3130
Category: Motorcycle
SSW+ VFI 124” Long Block engine
Contact: 608/627-2080
Available in black powdercoat or polished, this Super Sidewinder Plus is identical to the SSW+ 124 in all respects except for the fuel system. Instead of a Super G carb, this powerplant has an S&S fuel module and your choice of S&S VFI induction systems: Tuned or Teardrop.

Stocker’s Starters
Booth # 6710
Category: All Powersports
Starter motor rebuild kits
Contact: 888/786-2537
Your one-stop shop for starter motor rebuild kits for motorcycles, ATVs and PWC. Stocker’s takes the brush assembly, bushings, seals, gaskets, O-rings, and other necessary parts and packages them into one convenient, easy-to-use kit perfect for hanging at the parts counter.

Booth # 325
Category: All Powersports
Contact: 800/766-2724
The RX-7 Corsair is the latest addition to Arai’s RX-7 Series. Made of a patented SNC (Structural Net Composite), the helmet is outfitted with new bottom trim, a new non-removable neckroll, a reduced gap between the shell and shield, larger vent openings for increased breathability, and patented Dry-Cool liner material that is removable and washable. Available in 13 colors, sizes XS to XXL.

Tucker Rocky
Booth # 700
Category: ATV
QuadBoss 44” pull-behind mower
Contact: 817/258-9229
This mower, manufactured by Swisher Inc., is a finish-cut mower and features a 10.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine with siingle-point height adjustment. Twin blades and built-in anti-scalp rollers. An adjustable tongue allows the mower freedom of movement, and a side bumper roller system protects against damage to trees and shrubs.

VP Racing Fuels
Booth # 5751
Category: All Powersports
Ultimate 4 Racing Fuel for four-stroke engines
Contact: 210/635-7744
A leaded race fuel designed specifically for four-stroke applications, this 92.2 octane fuel is not AMA legal but is said to increase performance. Won’t harm carburetor, O-rings or gaskets.

Booth # 1300 and 1500
Category: Motorcycle
Clutch Baskets
Contact: 440/951-6600
Forged from light, high-strength aluminum alloy and hard anodized for an abrasion-resistant surface, these new clutch baskets also are sealed with a tough Teflon coating to create a near frictionless surface. Large oiling holes increase lubrication, reduce heat build-up and weight.

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