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Giant Loop ride added to Harley-Davidson Pan America demo tour

Giant Loop’s annual dual sport and adventure motorcycle rally has been added to the Harley-Davidson Pan America Adventure Motorcycle Demo Tour. The 10th Annual Giant Loop Ride is the only event in Oregon where motorcycle enthusiasts can get a first look at  – and a demo ride on – the much-anticipated new Harley-Davidson (the release of which Powersports Business detailed HERE).

The annual rally at Crane Hot Springs will be held June 4-6, 2021. There’s no additional charge for demo rides, but you’ll have to register with Giant Loop directly.

In adventure motorcycling, there hasn’t been a new bike introduction in the past decade that’s generated as much buzz, interest and speculation as the new Harley-Davidson Pan America. I had the chance to see the Pan America previewed at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy in 2019, and I’ve been intrigued since then,” Harold Olaf Cecil, Giant Loop owner and founder, told Powersports Business. “We were thrilled and honored that the Harley marketing team reached out to us, and we invited them to our annual ride. The Internet is excellent at spawning strongly held opinions based on zero first hand experience, but we figure the proof is in the ride… I’ve honestly never ridden a Harley-Davidson in nearly 50 years as a motorcycle rider, and it’s largely because my focus has been on dual sport and adventure bikes. The Pan America is the first Harley in decades that offers the freedom to comfortably leave the pavement behind to explore dirt and gravel roads.”

You can view a video from last year’s ride below:

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