ABUS hires company to monitor MAP pricing

ABUS Mobile Security, Inc. has hired MAP monitoring service provider Oris Intel to support its minimum advertised pricing policy for its line of motorcycle locks. ABUS first implemented a MAP policy in 2011 and has continually looked at ways to improve enforcement.

“As ABUS continues to grow in the United States, the need for a more effective monitoring solution has become apparent,” said ABUS MAP Manager Matt LeMoine. “The Prowl Software from Oris is an excellent upgrade, and the continuous monitoring allows us to improve the process for all of our retailers.”

“Like ABUS, ORIS is committed to helping companies deliver the best possible customer experience, so we’re thrilled they’re leveraging our platform to enforce Minimum Advertised Price across channels,” said Pamela Springer, CEO of ORIS Intelligence. “Our near real-time monitoring enables ABUS to respond quickly to violators, so they can get ahead of the domino effect of price matching. And by enforcing MAP, ABUS can better support their resellers to ensure they are preserving their brand experience.”

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